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Short-Term & Long-Term Solutions to Solve Oil Used up Within 40 Years

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 Ho Ngoc Hong Nhi


Short-term & Long-term solutions to solve oil used up within 40 years

Oil is a naturally occurring and it is a nonrenewable resource. Moreover, oil not only brings a lot of benefit for human in industrial, electric power, commerce but it also serves the need of human life in transportation. Because oil is a limited resource, it is estimated will run out within 40 years if people continue to consume it. Therefore, this report will outline some short-term and long-term solution to resolve this problem, especially about Vietnam’s oil production.        

Vietnam is a country with huge oil and gas potential. The source of “golden black” is an additional quality for Vietnam to develop the business. They have a lot of oil fields include Bach Ho, Su Tu Den, Dai Hung are the biggest oil field in Vietnam. Most of Vietnam’s oil field have been exploited for a long time so this is leading to a decline in natural product and entered the stage of exhaustion.

For this reason, above, there are several ways to overcome exhausted oil in Vietnam and other countries. The first individual measure is the resident should consider about eat and buy local food produce. Food miles reduction can restrict long-distance transport of food as well as petroleum. Another way to avoid running out is people’s awareness about limit using cars or vehicles in unnecessary case or use car-share service. People should expand transportation by using public transit, biking and walking. This action makes lower congestion and can help many countries include Vietnam cut oil use more than 1.5 million barrels per day.


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