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  • "components of a Case Analysis Report"

    "components of a Case Analysis Report"

    CASE ANALYSIS TOOLS "COMPONENTS OF A CASE ANALYSIS REPORT" ? CURRENT SITUATION The case focuses on the acquisition and consolidation of DirecTV by media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. After the acquisition, Murdoch's content-and-distribution empire spanned four continents. Murdoch, News Corp.'s chairman, had ambitions to build one of the most powerful media companies in the world. He aspired to have a balance between subscription and advertising revenue, the best mix of content and distribution and the widest geographic spread in the world. ? EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT SOCIETAL OVERALL PEST ANALYSIS In the technology aspect, USA is

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    Submitted: June 18, 2013 By: Danteeeeeee
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment

    14th Amendment The 14th Amendment affects American citizens because not all us citizens were born in America. Many people who resides in the U.S are immigrants who came from afar. Even those who became citizens are still discriminated even though they gained U.S citizenship. The 14th Amendment was passed into the constitution for those who were discriminated. In the amendment, there is an Equal Protection Clause, stating that no state can deny someone’s equal protection under the law. Any laws that distinguish based on gender or race will be deemed unconstitutional. This Amendment protects anyone

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    Submitted: January 2, 2019 By: Blut
  • A City with Many Contributions

    A City with Many Contributions

    A City with Many Contributions Fairytales, fables, and folktales are all stories that are handed down throughout time. Most were merely created for entertainment purposes, while some have been shown to shed some light on life as well as truth to the stories themselves. In the case of Troy many scholars have argued among each other not only if there is truth to the stories of the city, but also the mere existence of the city itself. Many of these scholars have used the Homeric stories themselves as a map uncovering the cities secrets, while

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    Submitted: March 24, 2019 By: DM1402
  • A Confederate Soldier in the Civil War

    A Confederate Soldier in the Civil War

    Samuel Kim US History 1 Dr. Lenny Research Paper A Confederate Soldier in the Civil War His name was (First Sergeant) Jonathan Fitzhugh. Like most confederate soldiers, he had a home and a wife. His children consisted of two boys and one baby girl. Coming from a moderate background, He owned a lot of slaves and few indentured servants, not as much as a prominent landowner in the south would have but nevertheless had a working force under him. Before the war happened Jonathan settled around North Carolina. His farm was located at a nice

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    Submitted: March 7, 2017 By: Jhinkios
  • A Year in the South

    A Year in the South

    A Year in the South is 1865 novel written by Stephen V. Ash about four Southerners faced an uncertain future. The story primarily concerns these four Southerners of Louis Hughes known as a Deep South Slave; Cornelia McDonald is Virginia Confederate army wife and mother of seven children; John Robertson as an East Tennessee former Confederate soldier, and Samuel Agnew is a Mississippi preacher and son of prominent planter. The book divided chapters into "winter", "spring", "summer", and "fall and winter again." Ash leaves to reader to be remembered about these four Southerners as "they

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    Submitted: December 11, 2014 By: phuongieta
  • Age of Discovery

    Age of Discovery

    During the "Age of Discovery" and the Reformation there were many changes taking place in Europe. In the sixteenth century society, culture, and politics played a huge role in these changes. Politically, Europe saw the development of the first nation states and created a highly competitive state system. European politics were mostly based on national interests and dynastic rivalries however they had a bigger problem on their hands when a religious war broke out. This war was between Catholics and the Protestants. The conflicts between politics and religion seemed to merge into each other at

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    Submitted: October 20, 2014 By: amandac
  • Aiu Case

    Aiu Case

    My name is Abdullahi Abdi Hassan and I am a student from Kenya. I have travelled through such a large distance to explore new experiences while in AIU and make positive changes in life. I wish to enhance my innovative and broad-thinking personality while in AIU. This portfolio will be about my best work portfolio where I will choose two entries about my best works that I have done within this year. To begin with, upon my arrival at AIU, I realized that community service programs are part of its core values. I believe that

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    Submitted: November 6, 2014 By: sharmarke
  • America’s Democracy

    America’s Democracy

    America’s Democracy To be able to remain a democracy, we as a nation need to have a government for the people and by the people. To properly ensure this happens we as as citizens need to vote and the politicians we elect need to ensure they provide checks and balances with each other as well as the other branches of government. Having a political system with proper checks and balances ensures the United States remains a democracy and has a system the citizens of this nation have faith and confidence in. Without checks and balances

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    Submitted: July 23, 2017 By: arkkmk97
  • Art-Hist 110 - Formal Analysis of Two Landscapes

    Art-Hist 110 - Formal Analysis of Two Landscapes

    Gloria Wu Gretchen Halverson ART-HIST 110 Formal Analysis of Two Landscapes Landscape painting has been around for many centuries depicting the surroundings from trees and mountains to towns and cities. Landscapes show many naturalistic aspects of the world around us from nature itself to the various architecture and cities, and what we see and interpret can be expressed differently on a canvas. Both Echo Lake, Franconia Mountains, New Hampshire and Field of Poppies are landscape paintings depicting different subject matter within 30 years of each other. Echo Lake, Franconia Mountains, New Hampshire was created in

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    Submitted: April 21, 2016 By: gloriaw
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad David Horstdaniel HIS 241 The Battle of Stalingrad was fought during from the winter of 1942 to the winter of 1943. In September 1942, the German Sixth Army, with the Fourth Panzer Army, advanced towards the city of Stalingrad. The primary objective was to secure the oil fields in the Caucasus for Germany. The Sixth Army, under the command of General Paulus, was ordered personally by Hitler to take the city of Stalingrad, with the final target to have been Baku in Azerbaijan. Stalingrad is considered by many historians and military experts

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    Submitted: November 7, 2016 By: sgthorse13
  • Biopharm’s Batna - an Essay

    Biopharm’s Batna - an Essay

    Biopharm’s BATNA is $500K for land and $25 million for the building which will take 12 months and they losee $1M per month not producing (not a strong BATNA). The reservation price can be set anywhere from $25 to $40 million depending on what factors are considered. Seltek’s BATNA will be to reconfigure the plant at a cost of $3 million which will take six months resulting in an appraised value of $10 million (also not strong). Their reservation price is $7 million ($10M - $3 million to reconfigure). Bipharm’s target is $7M if they

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    Submitted: April 29, 2018 By: ghkg97
  • Bismark


    When Bismarck was made chancellor of Prussia in 1862, he embarked on a series of political moves that led to one of Europe's most powerful empires. He made decisions that would maintain the power of the Prussian military. Bismarck's strategy involved three wars against Austria, France, and Denmark. Prussia won mainly due to its higher level of industrialization, and partly due to Bismarck's skill and luck. Prussia's economic power over smaller states combined with an advanced industrial base, ensured victory. The result was the foundation of a German empire under Prussian leadership. The unification of

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    Submitted: October 30, 2014 By: queenj9
  • Blame for the Decline of the Qing Dynasty

    Blame for the Decline of the Qing Dynasty

    Blame for the Decline of the Qing Dynasty • Intro • Make clear you understand the date boundaries • Outline methodology Paragraph 1- what were the problems • Evidence- External vs. Internal (External) Unequal treaties, foreign encroachment, opium war (Internal) see as foreign unpopular, backward • Context - technologically behind the Western country • Commentary on where blame should lie… (Which is most obvious?) Paragraph 2- Attempt to solve • Evidence- self-strength movement (specially modernize in area of military, Civil Service restructured), • Commentary on what this evidence shows- does it show that there was

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    Submitted: September 19, 2014 By: Vivyanawibisono
  • Blitzkrieg-Invasion of Poland 1 September 1939

    Blitzkrieg-Invasion of Poland 1 September 1939

    Blitzkrieg-Invasion of Poland 1 September 1939 • Hitler's tanks (panzers) supported by Luftwaffe (air force) smashed over border into Poland • Rapidly cut through Poland's defenses making new path for advancing infantry o Method of fighting known as Blitzkrieg or "lightning war" • Polish resistance heroic- ultimately futile • USSR invaded from East, as agreed by Nazi-Soviet Pact • 29 SEP 1939 Poland divided into two countries The Phoney War • BRIT declare war on GER two days after Polish invasion • BRIT could not get troops to Poland in time to have any effect

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    Submitted: December 10, 2013 By: aliyabbasi
  • Business Accounting Toor Wood Project

    Business Accounting Toor Wood Project

    Business Accounting Outcome 4 Adam Livingstone ID Number- 1702238 ________________ Long term Sources One source of Long term finance that could be used would be retained earnings which are the profits that a company has earned to date, less any dividends or other distributions paid to investors. This amount is changed whenever there is records that impacts a revenue or expense account. With retained earning the company normally uses this source of income to buy more assets or expand the company. However if this source of finance was uses then shareholders may be unhappy as

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    Submitted: February 6, 2019 By: jig17
  • Chinese Ensemble

    Chinese Ensemble

    For this SACS assignment essay, I attended two world music ensembles in the Opperman Music Hall. These two ensembles allowed me to broaden my concepts of other music that I wasn’t prone to listen to on a daily basis. I learned a lot from attending these performances and I will continue to look into other performances that will be dedicated to music of the World because essentially it will make me more diverse in a sense. I really enjoyed the context of the music and would like to hear it again someday. One of the

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    Submitted: November 19, 2015 By: reshardb1
  • Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    Late 1400s-early 1500s: This was the period of time where political centralization was its greatest in Europe. It was the conclusion of the War of the Roses that allowed the Tudor family to reign over England. Louis XI strengthened France's power with the reorganizing of state finances. Lastly, the marriage of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile in Spain allowed them to create power out of independent kingdoms. Even though the methods for the English, French and Spaniards were different, the power they acquired is what allowed them to provide the funds and resources

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    Submitted: July 9, 2013 By: spyman200
  • Civil Rights Movement

    Civil Rights Movement

    Im going to tell you about the impact of the civil Rights Movement of 1960 and the impact on African Americans today. Im also going to tell you about the protest the march on Washington and more. In the1960s there was a lot going on but first im going to start off by telling you about the Civil Rights Protest. The Civil Rights Protest was a non-violent protest it was founded in 1960. This protest was called sit-ins. They remained seated and refused to get up. They were insulted but they kept calm and

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    Submitted: September 7, 2013 By: Liyahh
  • Cjad 405 - Laws of Criminal Evidence

    Cjad 405 - Laws of Criminal Evidence

    Walter Medford CJAD 405 C Laws of Criminal Evidence January 20. 2016 Maddox V. Montgomery United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit 718 F.2d 1033 (11th Cir. 1983) Facts: In the Georgia State court, Jimmy Maddox was convicted of rape and sentenced to serve life in prison. With an unsuccessfully appeal process, Maddox filed a federal habeas corpus petition. This was due to the allegation of the prosecutorial suppression of exculpatory evidence. (Brady V. Maryland) The Brady doctrine applies to four different type of situations. The first is when the prosecutor fails tell the defense

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    Submitted: January 21, 2016 By: wmedford
  • Competition Law

    Competition Law

    Competition Law Name: Date: Course: Instructor: ? Introduction Over the past decades and centuries, a lot has changed. The way of living for the most part has changed. Since the days of old, commerce has been the driver of economic development. From elements like simple barter trade, to the modern concepts of electronic commerce (eCommerce) commerce has been a vital aspect in economies. Commerce has plaid a large part in the lives of people for a long time. It is believed that commerce was the main reason for war both in the ancient eras

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    Submitted: July 19, 2013 By: jakom
  • Constitution Is Lacking a Bill of Rights

    Constitution Is Lacking a Bill of Rights

    16B Subject: The author writes of how the Constitution is lacking a bill of rights. Occasion: The author collaborated with other pro-constitutionalists despite the doubts and debate over whether states should ratify it due to its lack of bill of rights. Audience: The audience included the public – it was published in a book. Purpose: The author justifies the Constitution makes the necessary precautions to ensure that citizens get their rights. Speaker: Alexander Hamilton was a military aide to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. He was later secretary to the treasury during the

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    Submitted: December 17, 2014 By: lmnopqrst
  • Cultural Event Report on Art in the Park

    Cultural Event Report on Art in the Park

    Cultural Event Report on Art in the Park INTRODUCTION “Beep beep beep!” The alarm clock went off that sunny fall morning on September 12th, 2015. I stretched as rose up and forced myself out of bed, then got ready. When I was all ready to go, my mother and I got in the car and drove away. As we were driving in the car, I told my mother how excited I was to go to Art in the Park at Julia Davis Park. I have always loved going to Art in the Park every year,

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    Submitted: September 20, 2016 By: ashleybliss
  • David Gergen Presents President Nixon

    David Gergen Presents President Nixon

    David Gergen presents President Nixon as he was, and the side of him people did not know. He does not seek to make more of Nixon than he was; his presentation is as unbiased as he can make it. Gergen boldly displays the strengths of Nixon and bluntly points out his weaknesses. Nixon can was best described as being a man of layers. Gergen (31) used the example from Bill Safire in which he said; “Think of Nixon as a layered cake,” he [Safire] wrote. “The public face or crust is conservative, stern, dignified, proper.”

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    Submitted: June 24, 2018 By: jae77
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence

    Page Abraham Millan Mr. Gomez (Daniel) 9/20/17 Dream of Freed Colonists In “Declaration of Independence”, Thomas Jefferson writes a speech genre to all thirteen colonies. The author wrote this to be free from the British hands. He was not liking the fact, that he had no sense of freedom. It was in the thirteen colonies state and it was the time that led to the civil war. Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers wanted to go against Great Britain King abuses, also be free from the commands that terrified them from getting confidence to revolt

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    Submitted: November 6, 2017 By: monsterkush
  • Democracy and Imperialism

    Democracy and Imperialism

    Organization in an essay is the key element. Once your essay is organized it is easy to understand and the writer can express the feelings he or she wants to through the essay. An organized essay makes the reader grab and understand the information that the author wants the reader to understand. For example, the fact that the points are written in ways that make sense cause the reader to appeal to the general idea. An unorganized essay provokes boredom to the reader causing him or her to loose interest in the topic and sometimes

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    Submitted: July 12, 2013 By: paolasantana0189
  • Describe Evangelism in the Early Church as Given by Dr. Earley?

    Describe Evangelism in the Early Church as Given by Dr. Earley?

    Describe evangelism in the early church as given by Dr. Earley? According to Dr. Earley, evangelism in the early church was taking place in the community which allowed for the sharing of the gospels. The entire mission is to express their faith with hope that their own people will eventually accept Christ and become beneficially to the church. In reference to the bible, “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor

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    Submitted: February 12, 2017 By: Denzel Pratt
  • Design Approach

    Design Approach

    Design approach Louis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright and Adolf Loos convey a very different impression in their architecture works. Kahn's • Appear to be perfected, confined and complete. • Philosophical and ethereal. • Kahn • Light as "…the giver of all presences,'...Light enabled people to see and experience space and structure..." Light – is literally light, in the sense of the Sun. Wright's work • Appear to be alive and expanding. • Is tangible and earthly • Nature as the ruling principle. It is the source and measure. • He considered nature to be a

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    Submitted: June 23, 2014 By: devilintown
  • Diffusion of the English Language

    Diffusion of the English Language

    The English language is a Germanic language which is categorized in the Indo-European Language Family (See Fig. 1) (Mercier, 2011). Indo-European is the largest language family that contains 430 languages which are all closely related and share a common ancient origin. While there are only 19 language families, each have many branches that categorize languages into more narrow subsets and share a more recent origin (Norton, 2009). English, German, and Dutch are examples of languages that pertain to the Germanic language branch which is part of the Indo-European language family.(Mercier, 2011). About 340 million people

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    Submitted: November 11, 2013 By: lukevarr01
  • Economic Bubbling

    Economic Bubbling

    Ethics and business go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. This does not mean that a very ethical business will be more successful than one which does not rely on heavily on ethics; but it does mean that there should be a place for ethics in a business. Ethics should be involved in the business from the very beginning when the goals and intentions were being put together. They should also be involved in the infrastructure of the business once it is established. Ethics in business is important, even though the

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    Submitted: April 22, 2019 By: Melly Kho
  • Elena and Her Story - We Are Deporting Kids to Die

    Elena and Her Story - We Are Deporting Kids to Die

    Elena and her story (“We’re Helping Deport Kids to Die” article) “Tell us your name,” the reporter said pointing the microphone in my direction. I lower my head to speak into the microphone, I take a deep breath before speaking.“ My name is Elena.” I felt frightened and a sense of paranoia crawled down my spine causing me to shudder. I sat there in a cold sweat, afraid of the consequences of revealing my identity. Do I really want to share this on the news where everyone will hear it? Are THEY going to find

    Essay Length: 985 Words / 4 Pages
    Submitted: January 16, 2017 By: jasmusic08

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