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Uk Brexit Articles Review

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United Kingdom

Article 1:

-Date: June 15, 2018

-May 'disappointed' at upskirting law block

        The upskirting law is turning into a serious issue in the United Kingdom. Many women got affected by this during public places like the bus, subway and nightclubs. Before, the English women tell the police about it and they don’t take it seriously as part of sexual harassment. On June 15, the offices decided to make the upskirting law into a criminal offense. But, this didn’t go into the parliament after one of its MPs blocked it. The prime minister of United Kingdom, Theresa May, felt disappointed about it and hope that this law will pass through the parliament as soon as possible. She feels that this is an invasion of other’s privacy, and that the Bill didn’t make it to progress during the day. Sir Christopher is the one that blocked the Bill. The offices believe that Sir Christopher don’t understand the importance of the Bill during the Parliament. And they feel a lack of respect upon this issue.

        The Liberal Democrat Wera Hobhouse is the one that brought this bill to the parliament. And she feels angry for that Sir Christopher blocked it without any reason. She had asked for her bill to return to the House as soon as possible or on July 6. The Justice criminal says that will make sure the upskirting will become part of a criminal offense, which means that it will happen. This law leads the one who committed crime face up to two years of prison.

        I chose this article because it relates to politics and government. The upskirting law has to pass through the Parliament of United Kingdom in order to make this become a criminal offense. The Prime Minister and the Bill are important during the Parliament, so this has relation with the government. I believe that this law is a really important to the country. Many countries in the world had happened similar cases, in which really affect women’s emotions. Since the United Kingdom decided to take actions into this issue, I believe that it will make a great change to the society. The significance is that this can lead United Kingdom to become one of the first countries in order to take actions upon upskirting.

Article 2:

-Date: June 19, 2018

-UK 'can't stay in European Arrest Warrant after Brexit'

        Brexit is the action in which United Kingdom decides to leave from the European Union. This causes many issues in the committee and country. As UK decided to leave, the European Union said that UK must leave all the priorities that the country gains during the committee. Since you are leaving, then you don’t have rights to get the priorities. But, UK wants to maintain its right in the European Arrest Warrant. This warrant allows EU members to request the arrest and detention of criminals in other countries without many talks. As UK decides to leave in March 2019, they want to continue stay part of the system. The EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier denied this request from the United Kingdom.

        I believe that this article mean a lot to United Kingdom. Because leaving the European Union is the same as if you are leaving from somewhere you rely on. Without the committee, a lot of problems UK have to solve it by itself. The European Union is one of the most powerful committees in the world. This is being part of politics, since country somehow depends on its help.

        It is also important to the world organization, European Union. United Kingdom is becoming a powerful country under the help of the EU. When the country leaves EU, it is also making losses to the organization. I chose this article because it is really interesting to know about the big issues happening around the world in this moment. So that you can keep on track with what is going on.

Article 3:




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