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Chapter 6 and 7 Questions


Ultranationalism is an extreme form of nationalism in where racism and extreme violence usually take place.

Ultranationalism usually develops when there are nationalists in the country that express hostile emotions towards another group of people.

Often times extreme nationalists use propaganda to manipulate strong human emotions like fear and anger.

Often times in times of crisis there a lot of people feel a higher sense of nationalism and patriotism.


Genocide: The killing of many members of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.

Crimes against Humanity: Widespread or systematic attacks on a civilian population, including murder, enslavement and rape.

War crimes: Willful killing and intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population or against those who are involved in a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission.

Holocaust: Term used to describe the genocide that of about six million jews by the Nazis.

Ethnic Cleansing: Term used to make more socially acceptable the murder or expulsion of an ethnic nation from a territory.

3. The dropping of the Hiroshima bomb was an example of a Crime against Humanity, as was a massive act of killing on a group of innocent civilians.

4. Top five examples: Russians, Chinese, Jews, Slavs and Ukrainians.


Serbian siege of Sarajevo: A long lasting siege of the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo. This was because of the Bosnian Representatives were not letting anyone go and they had snipers stationed everywhere. Their main job was to kill the civilians as they went about with their daily lives.

Armenian Genocide: also known as the Armenian Holocaust, was the


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