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Hidden Story of Every Ovearseas Filipino Workers

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               Hidden Story of every Ovearseas Filipino Workers

Most of the people we know have parents work in abroad or even ourselves .Some questions us where and what the work of our parent is and we answer them “sa ibang bansa po eh, OFW”. Sometimes it’s either construction worker,caregiver and domestic helper or what we call as Overseas Filipino Workers. They mostly say that when your parents are working abroad,you are rich. It might sounds like a joke but we know that is what they think or  their perspective. I know all of us have an open mind to why our parents or other people go abroad, it may be because of poverty, money, and to support our needs. All of them struggles in their work and most of them misses their loved ones, and some of them feel jinxed because they are being maltreated by their employer but somehow  they manage to work hard just to finance their family.

And before I proceed to the body and conclusion of my speech I want to introduce myself I Angel Marie D. Gegawin I’m here to let know all of you the “Hidden Story of every Ovearseas Filipno Workers” on abroad.

Some families that are finacially stable enough were being oblige to go abroad just to finance their daily needs and there are some families who bear the hardships for not being financially stable just to be with their family, with the quote “mas mainam pang mahirapan basta sama-sama ng pamilya”, but let’s not go further to this topic, for my topic for this speech are the story of those OFW’s. Like I have said before ,some parents of OFW’s tend to have a employer  who maltreated them and and treats them like a piece of trash and most of the time those parents who struggles so hard to finance their family tend to have a children who are irresponsible and does not go to school and chooses to be ‘tambay’. But not all the stories were the same as I’ve mentioned before its’s just that I sitck in this topic to imply and let you guys know that whoever have a parent or parents here that woks abroad we should atleast give exchange for their hardships just to sustain our daily needs we should study hard and do our best. And even our parents isn’t away or abroad working for us we still need to study well and do our best to excel. After all I just want to be an inspiration and human motivator in behalf of those families and parents who worked abroad.


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