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America:the Story of Us

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The documentary "America: The Story of Us", is mostly detailed on how America, became America. The documentary is based on the wars that created our nation and they are shown in very good detail and makes the documentary something fun to watch and learn about America's history. The documentary is well played out but goes way to fast for a history of about a hundred years of history. The documentary doesn't give enough to credit to what actually happens and leaves out the bad aspects of our history. The documentary is to prideful, even though we should be proud of the great aspects of our history, we should also know about the bad parts, and the documentary doesn't show them that well. The documentary is only a useful source of information if you are interested in learning about the war and the prideful moments of our Nations history.

"America the Story of Us" is not a useful educational tool because it is based on the wars that created our country and is to prideful. We should be prideful of that war but they do not give us enough information on our Nations history. When the colonists come to the New World in the documentary they do not show all the really happened, just the good moments. The only bad moments they portrayed were the diseases going around and how the colonists didn't have a good start. The documentary shows the Native American's as the bad guy, when in reality, the colonists were for taking over the land. The dress the Natives as evil creatures, when in reality they didn't look like that. If Native culture took a watching to this video, they would be angered by how their ancestors were portrayed as. The same belief is with the Africans. The African's were treated badly during this time period and nowhere in the video did they show how bad the black were treated. They didn't show the aspect of how bad was slavery was and what happened to the Africans. The documentary was solely based on the colonists lifes, not the lifes of everybody else that lived in the colonies. Without showing that, this documentary is based just on colonial life. The documentary is to prideful for the white men within the colonies and it doesn't give a good idea of how life was for everybody else that lived in the colonies.

The documentary mainly shows the aspect of war and violence in the colonies. It doesn't get into much detail about what was actually going on. Even though the Revolutionary War was a great aspect of our history, the video is focused to much on it. They don't the wars that happened before that, and do not show things in chronological order. There are things that lead up to the Revolutionary War and they either briefly talk about them, or don't even mention the other wars. The only good part of how the talked about the Revolutionary War is how they mentioned soldiers that you don't usually hear about, and you get some further knowledge on the war. They did a good job in showing how


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