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        Does curfew keep teens out of trouble? For me it’s a no, because we cannot basically say that the teens follow the rules of the barangay when it comes to curfew. There are a lot of things that triggers a teenager to disobey the rules in their barangay; one of those is the peer pressure. Teens were influence by their friends to go out in the night so they can play or do something that is unnecessary that will keep teens near trouble. Second fact that triggers a teen to avoid the rules is their parents. There are two facts to consider. First, the lack of time, and affection of the parents to their children. When a child feels that he/she was rejected by his/her parents the tendency of the child is to look for another person that can give him/her the attention that he/she is looking for sometimes that attentions came from their friends. Second is the overprotection of the parents. Being a protective parent is a good things but it also has a negative effect on the teenagers. The teens feel that their parents hold them too much to the point that it makes them too uncomfortable and irritated so the tendency is the teens will find a place where he/she can be comfortable and not irritated, and again they found it through their friends. In that situation the main idea of a teen is to run away from their house and go to his/her friends house sometimes this happens at night that’s why the teens goes out at night.  


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