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  • Books Talk About the Financial Crisis

    Books Talk About the Financial Crisis

    Introduction: - "A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge" – this is the famous line of George R. R. Martin. The line is powerful enough to highlight the utmost importance of reading a good number of books. But there is a subtle difference between reading a book just to derive pleasure from it and reading a book to write a critical analysis of it. Well we are doing the latterand hope that the review that we are going to write will be helpful to others

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    Submitted: October 30, 2014 By: milito
  • Boston Beer Company Competitive Strategy

    Boston Beer Company Competitive Strategy

    Boston Beer Company The Boston Beer Company produces and sells various alcoholic beverages including beer. Jim Koch belonged to a family, who were passionate for brewing and he discovered his great grandfather’s recipe in the attic and that is when It began its operation in 1984. As of today, Boston Beer Company offers four different products which are diversified. Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Twisted tea, Truly Spiked & Sparkling and More than 60 styles of Samuel Adams beer. ( The Boston Beer Company had it’s IPO in 1995 and is traded on New York Stock

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    Submitted: June 21, 2019 By: Mesh01
  • Boston Scientific Discussion Questions

    Boston Scientific Discussion Questions

    Boston Scientific Discussion Questions 1. What does Boston Scientific develop, manufacture, and sell? It sells medical supplies and devices used to diagnose and treat conditions in medical fields 2. How many orders does Boston Scientific take in a month? 70,000 3. Who does the distribution center receive its shipments from? Why is this arrangement necessary and important for the business? phone, fax, internet Without the arrangement, the delivery might be inaccurate and slow, and the products might be damaged during the shipping progress. 4. List the steps in the order fulfillment process at Boston Scientific.

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    Submitted: December 2, 2015 By: imrc1992
  • Bottlenecks and Toc

    Bottlenecks and Toc

    A bottleneck in manufacturing is a point in the production process that has the capacity restricted, reducing it below the demand requiring its manufacturing. As operations become larger, smaller problems also begin to grow. An example of a bottle neck would be an organization that is set up to produce, store and deliver a set amount of goods, but then the demand increases. Without increasing the delivery management infrastructure, this particular organization could find that as it increases production to meet demand, they are unable to deliver the newly manufactured items any faster than before,

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    Submitted: April 19, 2016 By: bengodman
  • Boy Scouts V Dale - Extra Credit Assignment

    Boy Scouts V Dale - Extra Credit Assignment

    Extra Credit Assignment The premise of this case is essentially that James Dale, who was a member of the Boy Scouts of America when he was younger and later was a scoutmaster, was expelled from his position. The Boy Scouts of America justified their actions by saying that they were a private group that would not allow homosexual individuals to be a part of their organization as it violates parts of their mission and/or core values. Specifically, this would violate the concepts of being ‘morally straight’ and ‘clean,’ which are integral aspects of being part

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    Submitted: April 3, 2019 By: Simran Bagga
  • Bp Oil Spill Case Study

    Bp Oil Spill Case Study

    BP Oil Spill Case Study Introduction BP Company is the multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, Britain. It is the sixth largest energy company in the world owning all kinds of business in relation to oil and gas. The BP oil spill happened at 9:41pm 20 April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, 11 people missed and were not found. It was reported by US government that the total discharge was up to 4.9 billion barrels. The spill lasted for months, causing huge damage to marine and wildlife habitats, bringing heavy loss to

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    Submitted: May 12, 2018 By: Lijia Xiong
  • Bp “deep Water Horizon” Oil Spill

    Bp “deep Water Horizon” Oil Spill

    White Paper Executive Summary Presentation BP “Deep Water Horizon” Oil Spill Patricia Turman Bowie State University PRO 600 Communicating, Problem Solving, and Leading in Professional Fields Fall 2016 Abstract This report is intended to inform readers about the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill that occurred on April 20, 2010. It will inform readers about when the spill happened, why it happened, and what the short term and long term effects of the spill have been. The research in the report highlights a few key things. First, the oil spill had significant impacts on wildlife, people,

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    Submitted: January 18, 2018 By: augusana
  • Brainshark Report

    Brainshark Report

    Humans have been communicating since before history. Starting with grunts and hand gestures, humankind eventually developed verbal language. The spoken word quickly proved to be an evolutionary advantage, aiding in hunting and the spreading of new ideas. Complex language helped form the first civilizations leading to the creation of written language. The ability to write down ideas meant ideas no longer died with their originator. For the next few thousand years breakthroughs in the field of communication were improvements to these forms of communication. The printing press made access to the written word more ubiquitous

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    Submitted: September 29, 2016 By: rachdel
  • Brand Value Measurement - Starbuck Vietnam Coffee

    Brand Value Measurement - Starbuck Vietnam Coffee

    Table of Contents Executive summary I. Introduction 1. Rationale, scope and theoretical framework 2. Research Objectives and Research Questions 3. Structure of the study II. Literature review 1. Brand and Branding 2. Brand value and measuring brand value 3. Related studies on Starbuck brand value III. Research methodology 1. Research instrument 2. Sampling and data collection 3. Survey construction and development 4. Data analysis method IV. Findings and Analysis 1. Respondents’ demographic profile 2. Comparison of brand value between Starbuck Vietnam Coffee and other major coffee brands in Vietnam 3. Brand status of Starbuck Vietnam

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    Submitted: November 30, 2015 By: hoangdung
  • Brazil Steel Case Study

    Brazil Steel Case Study

    Brazil Steel Case Study Our client is a $30 B multinational conglomerate, who is considering building a new steel plant in Brazil. The company has an existing steel plant, which was built 10 years ago so is getting dated and so less efficient, but that they would plan to continue to operate. Since building the plant, two other competitors have entered the market. These steel plants make a specialty steel that is used in Brazil and around the world. The new plant would produce 1,000,000 tons of steel per year, and cost $400M to build.

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    Submitted: February 6, 2019 By: milicka
  • Breakout Case Study

    Breakout Case Study

    SAMPLE IRAC QUESTION – SAMPLE ANSWER LEGAL ISSUES: Is there a contract between Josh and the owners of Breakout, entitling Josh to a refund of the purchase price and $100.00.This involves three sub-issues: 1. Is the advertisement an offer that is capable of acceptance by performance? 2. Did Josh accept the offer by performance? 3. Was the advertisement cancelling the previous offer effective as a revocation of the first offer? RULES: Only six (6) of the nine rules listed below are relevant to the issues raised above. You need to match the rules to the

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    Submitted: May 9, 2016 By: ZyomaZ721
  • Brewing Industry in Nigeria

    Brewing Industry in Nigeria

    FACILITY APPROVAL MEMORANDUM Prepared By : Group 1, ELP 140 Department : GTBank Training School Date : October 9th, 2014 Borrower : Aveona Breweries Plc Business : Brewery Location : Aba, Abia State Ownership : Armstrong Overseas Plc 60% Local Investors 35% Ametek Ltd 5% Facility Type : Term Loan (New) Amount : N4,200,000,000 Purpose : To part - finance the expansion of an existing plant in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. Tenor : 4 years Equity Contribution: 30% (N1,800,000,000) Interest Rate : 18% per annum subject to prevailing market rate Management Fee : 0.75% of

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    Submitted: June 6, 2017 By: nk01
  • Bu426 Notre Dame Vera Bradley Case Study

    Bu426 Notre Dame Vera Bradley Case Study

    Case 6 CASE 6 BU 426 Notre Dame College March 3rd, 2019 Summary Vera Bradley has created colorful and patterned handbags, luggage’s and accessories for woman. This company started off of an idea of wanting to create a stand for business woman. Woman should not have to carry around the old boring and plain luggage or handbags. They should be able to go to work or travel in style to make their outfits pop. The brand became popular and quickly grew in the market. They created a great strategy by differentiating themselves from other handbag

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    Submitted: April 12, 2019 By: sarriaga
  • Budweiser Continue Campaign to Make Mlb Opening Day a National Holiday

    Budweiser Continue Campaign to Make Mlb Opening Day a National Holiday

    Budweiser, with the help of Mr. Ozzie Smith as a third party endorsement, attempts to raise its brand awareness in the 35 year old and older population through the mean of mass unpaid media campaign (PR Newswire, 2014); using primary research commission with Weber Shandwick, Budweiser launched a unique campaign through massive media tour by Mr. Smith and maximizing the trendy social media exposure to attracts the consumer attentions as well as garner petitions to make the MLB Opening Day an official holiday, which coincidence with the day with the general rise in beer sales.

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    Submitted: May 22, 2018 By: Minh Phuong Nguyen
  • Bullying and Harassment in Kuwait Airways

    Bullying and Harassment in Kuwait Airways

    "A mobbing is like a tornado spun off from a spring rainstorm- a fervent, collective assault that escalates from an ordinary conflict." (Kenneth Westhues), "this phenomenon has been referred to as "mobbing", "ganging up on someone", "bullying" or "psychological terror". In this type of conflict, the victim is subjected to a systematic, stigmatizing process and encroachment of his or her civil rights (2011), Available from: http:// [Accessed: December 22, 2012] The present study examined the frequency of such behavior in an organization in Kuwait drawing the conclusion from a random sample of 266

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    Submitted: September 7, 2014 By: malak
  • Burberry Case Study

    Burberry Case Study

    ID: 113021220 Burberry Case 1. Burberrys market position is described as an accessible luxury brand as well as a functional brand offering a wide range of products. In the apparel sector, Burberry is positioned in-between Polo and Armani. In the accessories sector, they are positioned in-between Coach and Gucci. The Polo brand produces both mid ranged and luxury products, mostly apparel. It is thought of by consumers as being a lower level luxury brand ranked below brands such as Burberry or Armani but above Banana Republic. Polo’s sales made up 9% of the apparel market

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    Submitted: February 13, 2019 By: jkdoglove67
  • Bus 300gw Exam Business Communication for Success

    Bus 300gw Exam Business Communication for Success

    1. Business Communication for Success defines communication as the process of understanding and sharing meaning. Explain the definition. Write at least one paragraph. Communication is the relationship that involves interface between two or more participants. There are three key factors to contribute to the communication definition. The first key factor for interpretation is the process. A process is a dynamic activity that is hard to describe due to changing channel, context, participant, and environment. The second key factor is understanding. The definition of understanding is perceiving, interpreting, and relating our perception and interpretation to what

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    Submitted: April 4, 2019 By: RAY1234
  • Bus 6110 Boeing Case Study

    Bus 6110 Boeing Case Study

    Boeings position in the commercial aircraft market prompted them to start the 787 Dreamliner project. Boeings main competitor at the time was Airbus. Airbus had bypassed Boeing’s position in the commercial aircraft market, which Boeing had dominated since they entered the market in back in the 1950’s. To compete with Airbus, Boeing needed to make jump in innovation and technological advances to reclaim their market share from Airbus. Therefore, Boeing initiated this project to launch a new product in the market to compete against Airbus. “Boeing's vision for the Dreamliner was to make it one

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    Submitted: September 10, 2018 By: mecerone
  • Bus Stat

    Bus Stat

    (a) (i) The amount of sales for the year (X) should be treated as predictor variable and the annual salary (Y) as the response variable. Predictor variable is used to predict another variable while response variable depends on another variable. The amount of sales (X) can predict the result of annual salary (Y) while Y will be effected depends on X. (ii) (iii) According to the scatter plot, it shown when the amount of sales increases, the salary of manager rises as well. There appears to be a positive linear relationship between amount of sales

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    Submitted: April 19, 2017 By: tanxinweiii
  • Business Accounting

    Business Accounting

    Accounting is a process of keeping track day-to-day business transactions within a business entity. And the process is carried out by using a systematic approach of recording, reporting and analysis the financial transactions of the business. ( With the accounting system in place only then a business is able to determine its current financial status and make prospering decisions to increase the wealth of the company. Therefore to ensure the preparation of the financial statements of a business is presented accurately and coherently, it is required to follow an accounting standard. And the accounting standard

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    Submitted: September 27, 2014 By: cherylwang
  • Business and Marketing

    Business and Marketing

    Creative Product Promotion Task 4 M2 TBT stands for ‘Turn Back Time’, TBT is a new local vinyl shop in Grimsby. We have created advertisements to promote the grand opening on the 29th of April 2016. We designed a newspaper advert that was created to be used also as a poster and we created an online advert. Our target market is a variety of people of all ages especially those who are interested in vinyl records. We target the different age groups using different promotional methods such as our newspaper advert which will be explained

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    Submitted: March 19, 2018 By: Lysahpriya Bassi
  • Business Communication Case Study Report

    Business Communication Case Study Report

    Business Communication Case Study Report Business Communication Case Study Report By (name) Course Professor’s Name Institution Date Executive Summary This study explores the inconsistencies and dysfunctions displayed by the managers of the Youbeaut Enterprises, especially those of Susan Metcalf. Susan, the Managing Director of the firm, was tasked with monitoring and reporting on the progress of the upcoming office renovations. Her report to the board indicated that she was confident with the work and that her managers had everything under control. This report argues that the primary management problem exhibited by the managers at Youbeaut

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    Submitted: April 29, 2018 By: syntax
  • Business English

    Business English

    If we are all here ,let's started. Fist of all,I’d like you guys to know we are here today to discuss the main reason for why our product sales are reduced by 20%。So we are going to show our opinions .we have a lot of accomplish,let's begin.First ,I will give you my thought。As you can see ,my topic today is technology -call center. First,we should know what is Call-center? A call center is a business entity or organization that is engaged in selling telephone-calling services to clients. Call centers are primarily divided into two

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    Submitted: January 11, 2018 By: AElla
  • Business Expansion from Us to Mexico

    Business Expansion from Us to Mexico

    Page of U.S. BUSINESS EXPANSION TO MEXICO MEMORANDUM To: Supervisor Date: December 5, 2018 Re: Expansion of U.S. Corporation to Mexico 1. Aspects of U.S. Law 1. Background All businesses must follow the laws of the countries in which they are physically present and operating. When U.S. businesses operate abroad, they are required to follow the laws of the host country (McAdams, 2015). The source of law applicable to an international dispute depends partially on the issue involved. Private parties are free to form agreements in whatever manner they see fit. For example, the parties

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    Submitted: May 5, 2019 By: Nadene718
  • Business Forecasting Spss - Eviews Project

    Business Forecasting Spss - Eviews Project

    Business Forecasting SPSS - Eviews Project Word Count: 1822 (Excluding References and Appendix) Introduction The objective of this project is to analyze the relationship between Mix-adjusted Average House Prices in United Kingdom and London, using fundamental approach of forecasting, producing Regression analysis. The data used for this project has regular monthly frequency, with February 2002 as a start date, and December 2015 as the end date. I have decided to analyze this data, as I find it interesting. This is mostly due to very significant difference in prices between whole UK and the area of

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    Submitted: January 21, 2018 By: DOndris1
  • Business Level Strategy

    Business Level Strategy

    PRESENTACION, Joshua F. March 14, 2017 BSA41 MGNT410 BUSINESS-LEVEL STRATEGY HOMEWORK 1. Basis for Customer Segmentation: Consumer Market Consumer markets are markets dominated by products and services designed for the general consumer. These pertain to buyers who purchase goods and services for consumption rather than resale. However, not all consumers are alike in their tastes, preferences and buying habits due to different characteristics that can distinguish certain consumers from others. The following are the basis/characteristics of the consumer market. 1. Demographic Factors (age, income, sex, occupation, education, religion, etc.) Companies often identify these demographic characteristics

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    Submitted: March 18, 2017 By: Joshua
  • Business Marketing

    Business Marketing

    Over the past years, information technology and digital channels have changed the way consumers shop for products. This has also drastically changed the way B2B companies and their customers approach buying and selling. Business buyers are more informed than ever and sellers act the same way. From the buyerʼ’s viewpoint, information technology and digital channels provide access to knowledge and enable self-‑sufficiency. Buyers these days, are actively researching for products, services and sellers online. B2B buyers often have made up their minds about a purchase before a sales representative even gets a foot in the

    Essay Length: 1,024 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: October 31, 2017 By: radhika
  • Business Marketing Concepts

    Business Marketing Concepts

    •Apply relevant Business marketing concepts to solving the problems indicated in the case. Read distribution channel management theory in chapter 10 thoroughly. •The analysis should be coherent and well structured. The team members should not subdivide the overall task so it appears incoherent. •Peer evaluation forms are available in the group case study folder on the vUWS website. Every team member should submit this form on the day of case study submission. PowerPoint by: Ray A. DeCormier, Ph.D. Central Connecticut State University Chapter 13: Business Marketing Communications: Advertising and Sales Promotion Personal Selling: The

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    Submitted: June 24, 2014 By: Maggie2
  • Business Memo - Jennifer Lawson's Case

    Business Memo - Jennifer Lawson's Case

    To: Greene’s Jewelry’s Attorney From: Marie Sharon, Assistant Prosecutor at Greene’s Jewelry Date: October 14, 2018 Re: Jennifer Lawson and Greene’s Jewelry’s Cases-Violation of Non Disclosure Agreement and Unlawful Termination Introduction The purpose of this memo is to explain in details the legal case between Greene’s Jewelry LTD and Jennifer Lawson. Lawson has been Greene’s employee for the past 3 years but she no longer works with us. Even though she doesn’t belong to Greene’s Jewelry anymore, she has violated the agreement she had with us of a non disclosure responsibility. She signed an agreement

    Essay Length: 1,776 Words / 8 Pages
    Submitted: November 3, 2018 By: Furaha Marie Sharon
  • Business Negotiation Essay

    Business Negotiation Essay

    Minute of negotiation Anglo International Business School Date: January 7, 2013 Venue: Room 701, Business College, Beijing Union University Attendants: Foreign delegation: Junior Almeida (leader, from Argentina) Barbara Petron (secretary, from Russia) Alexander Fedora (professor, from Uzbekistan) Samuel Suvorov (lawyer, from America) Local delegation: Huang Jiao (leader) Mei Chang (secretary) Cheng Chou (professor) Way Chong (lawyer) Agenda: Based on information, the two groups have one day meeting in Beijing. They want to build the New Anglo International Business School at Sanlitun. This area has many foreigners living there, and is one beautiful area in

    Essay Length: 1,549 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: September 5, 2014 By: Pam69

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