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Business Negotiation Essay

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Minute of negotiation

Anglo International Business School


January 7, 2013


Room 701, Business College, Beijing Union University


Foreign delegation:

Junior Almeida (leader, from Argentina)

Barbara Petron (secretary, from Russia)

Alexander Fedora (professor, from Uzbekistan)

Samuel Suvorov (lawyer, from America)

Local delegation:

Huang Jiao (leader)

Mei Chang (secretary)

Cheng Chou (professor)

Way Chong (lawyer)


Based on information, the two groups have one day meeting in Beijing. They want to build the New Anglo International Business School at Sanlitun. This area has many foreigners living there, and is one beautiful area in Beijing. The first day of negotiation was to solve these four issues:

1.The choice of the Dean

2.How to recruit students from around the world and which examination should be given to the applications.

3.What will be the teaching langrage at the university?

4.And which textbooks should they use, existing ones or should the write their own text books for the university.

Progress made during the negotiation:

During the negotiation, both teams are very friendly to each other it was a very nice day, The meeting room had tea and coffee. They try to solve their first issue, the choice a dean.

1.Choice of Dean

The local delegation want a Chinese dean, they talk a lot about the dean of the Beijing Union University, because it is already a successful University with a great reputation. He could take care of both universities.

The foreign delegations leader think that the school should be run by a foreign dean, some one who understand how to manage the university on a international level and will help the school to build a good image all around the world.

The foreign delegation is concerned that it would be to much to manage for the dean of the Beijing Union University to look after both universities. And they already have one person in mind Mr. Alex,

He is the current dean at the university of Idaho in America, he got over 20 years experience as dean and know how to run a university on international levels

After both sides brought there arguments to the table they came to the conclusion that it would be the best for the international image of the university to higher Mr Alex as dean with focuses on foreign affairs and the current dean of the Beijing union university as chancellor and member of the board of trussed. With this solution the university will have a strong local and strong foreign base and both can consoled each other on various issues.

2.How to recruit students from around the world and which examination should be given to the applications.

The foreign delegation wants to give an English internal examination crated by the university. For the foreign and Chinese students to determine their current level and if the student is right for the university, if his language skills are up to standard and to see how many courses one should have per semesters. They should be at middle level to pass this examination.

Off cause all the standard documents and certification of the foreign countries High schools and university are required as well.

But the local delegations do not agree whit that they want to use an international standard examine to see the levels and rate of the students.

They will go on with the other points and will try to salve the issue in the next meeting.

3.Teaching languages

The University is an International Business School, and we will have students from around the world but the majority will still be Chinese. We want to prepare our students to work for International


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