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Business Marketing Concepts

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•Apply relevant Business marketing concepts to solving the problems indicated in the case. Read distribution channel management theory in chapter 10 thoroughly.

•The analysis should be coherent and well structured. The team members should not subdivide the overall task so it appears incoherent.

•Peer evaluation forms are available in the group case study folder on the vUWS website. Every team member should submit this form on the day of case study submission.

PowerPoint by:

Ray A. DeCormier, Ph.D.

Central Connecticut State University

Chapter 13:

Business Marketing Communications:

Advertising and Sales Promotion

Personal Selling: The Most Important Component

•Due to…

a.Product complexities (technical),

b.The small number of buyers,

c.The high price products/services, and

d.Extensive negotiation process

…The primary communications vehicle for selling Industrial/Business products/services is the:

If oh media wants to reach the projected revenue it is important that it utilises both channels, therefore Oh media will be using multi channel strategy. Since it is a large company serving many organisations ranging from small to large businesses.

Planning to use direct sales for the specialised equipments and the large accounts and keep the dealers which have been with the company for many years to deal with the smaller and less specialised equipments.

Firstly reduction in conflict with the dealers, some of the customers will be kept. If we keep some of the dealers.

The specialised products will be able to sell better since the reps will have indepth knowledge of their products.

If Ohmeda thinks of changing their distribution channel, how does that affect the direct sales force?

? How would the direct sales force be affected by eliminating supplies and gases?

? Provide reasons to support your position.

Channel structure designed to accomplish marketing objectives

Link between manufacturers and customers is the channel of distribution

- Direct channels


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