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Can Leverage This online Business Opportunity to Expand Their Existing Customer Base.

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Vegapalm Ltd., can leverage this online business opportunity to expand their existing customer base. Since most of its competitors have not been too keen on their online business operations, Vegapalm could exploit this untapped avenue.

To begin with, we would recommend the client to host a basic website that provides visitors with a brief insight into their operations, allows them to obtain quotes and place orders if required.

Vegapalm should also utilise various modes to promote their website. They could paint the web address on their vans, business cards and any other compliments they wish to offer their customers. Some website creators also offer ‘search engine optimisation’ as part of their package. This could enable the client’s website to be listed while customers search for car paint suppliers.

Through our survey, we were able to notice a particular trend among car paint suppliers. Most of them were able to send sales representatives to their customer’s workshops. These representatives in turn, collect orders, survey inventories to check stock availability and even offer demonstration of any new products. At this moment, this could be a fairly expensive operation for our client in focus, however, this could be considered as an outsourcing option, wherein the client could hire


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