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Bui Duc Huy

Identify the positive and negative effects of science on food.

Currently, global consumers are concerned about nutritious products and healthy diet. Therefore, scientist created genetically modified products to enhance living standards. This essay will discuss both the advantages as well as disadvantages of GM foods which we consume annually, focusing on benefit to humans and GM product’s negative effects on health.

Genetically modified crops have provided plenty of advantages to customers and farmers in modern life. Primarily, GMO products can satisfy food supply and human demand in the era of overpopulation. Currently, the global population was about 7 billion people so it is extremely difficult to produce enough food to human society by traditional methods. However, GMO products could create a huge amount of food in a short time and reduce pressure on agricultural lands. In addition, developing genetically modified products might help farmer eliminate the excessive use of artificial chemicals more effectively and decrease the cost of agricultural food in the competitive market. Furthermore, natural products could not produce enough nutrient minerals to human health so researchers developed modern biotechnology to create genetically modified products which transfer dominant genes from one plant to another. GMO products, which have a mixture between most of essential vitamins and minerals, are one of the best choices for consumers in daily diet.

On the other hand, GMO products also have some drawbacks which could be harmful to health. When customers utilize genetically modified products regularly, GM products might change human genes, possibly creating long-term issues. According to research, the ingredient of GMO milk consisted of hormone IGF 1 which is linked to the risk of cancer. Additionally, GMO products, which are mixed from useful features of genes, might lead to allergic reactions in human body. For instance, experts recognize that genetically modified soybeans created plenty of allergens and metabolic disorders to human health so they have a decision that GM soybeans should not release in the global market. Last but not least, the food alteration by GMO could impact on the efficiency of immune system because it will make more difficult to cure infectious diseases in the future.


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