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Walmart Case Study

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Question 1:

  1. 1. DM arranging and structuring work to achieve company mission . He is the organizer, organizes competent employees into teams, and works with the team to achieve Walmart's goals, and is committed to making consumers' lives easier and faster.

2.As a leader of Walmart, it is necessary not only to safeguard Walmart's current interests, but also to focus on future plans, set future goals, and lead the company to run on the right path.

3.He cares about employees, and motivates employees as a leader

  1. 1.As a top manager, they responsible for making organization-wide decisions and establishing the goals and plans that affect the entire organization.

2.Top manager need more conceptual skills, simplify complex and abstract concepts and give employees and other managers specific decisions and tasks that make Walmart's operations more effective.

3.Managers need to be innovative, think about how to make companies work more efficiently, and how to improve employee satisfaction.learning media, with the development of technology, the manager lear about consumer's need in a new way.

Question 2:

Political environment:

Government cuts the food stamps due to a negative impact, Walmart lose a number of customers and some people reduced purchasing power.

Economic environment:

1.Walmart face labor lawsuits and labor costs, the company need to invest as little as possible in these factor.

2.There still have economic great recession ,and because of it ,the unemployment rate increase, the Walmart's sales of products also decrease indirectly.

Technology environment:

In Morden society ,with the development of information technology, e-commerce is getting more and more popular. In order to develop the Walmart's e-commerce business, there are many brick and mortar stores reduced . Walmart opens e-commerce platform which broad the consumer groups.

Demographic environment:

Because of different cultural environment and different shopping habit , Walmart does not meet the Chinese consumer's need. There has limitation for the development of Walmart market.

Question 3:

  1. stakeholder are any constituencies in the organization’s environment that are affected by an organization’s decisions and actions. It include employees, customers, suppliers, governments and other groups. These groups have interaction with the company.

Both internal and external groups can affect the decisions and actions of the company.

  1. For employees who are internal groups, Walmart need to build good relationships with employees, only meeting the needs of employees and improve employee satisfaction, leaving the employees in the Walmart ,and they will bring better services to customers and create value for the company.
  2. For shareholders ,they are more concerned about the value of the benefits that Walmart can create. The relationship between them is important ,it can affect the strategy and require reduce the operating cost, which is also benefit for         Walmart.
  3. For customers of the external groups, the basis for customers to buy goods is that the company's products can meet customers' needs. In order to attract consumers to buy , in the case of the same quality, Walmart need to meet the customer's demand for low prices,. this relationship can bring more consumers to Walmart, and ultimately bring more profits.
  4. For suppliers, The relationship between suppliers and Walmart directly affects the supply and price of products. Good cooperation between Walmart and suppliers can control the production of goods and production costs, and control the stability of commodity prices indirectly. Walmart's products are characterized by low prices, so it is very important to negotiate the price of goods between Walmart and suppliers. Therefore, Walmart pays more attention to the relationship with suppliers.
  1.  The challenging of relationship between Walmart and suppliers is the two sides are not uniform in the pricing of goods , Walmart want use the least cost in products ,while the supplier don not satisfied .

Another difficult is that Walmart hopes to sell its products under Walmart's own brand, and leaving consumers with low-priced brand features. But for suppliers, this approach reduces the visibility of suppliers and is not benefit for the development of suppliers.

Question 4:

Motivation is the process by which a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal.

Internal incentiveFor Walmart ,as case said "Sam Walton was your partner, not your boss", Walmart use the term association, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it can motivate employees.

(1) The company increase employee engagement, Walmart meets employees' needs for self-esteem and autonomy.

(2) Encourage employees to participate in management, enhance their sense of responsibility for work, and increase them enthusiasm for work.


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