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The Influence of Social Media and Technology in Enhancing Sales in the Travel and Tourism Sector: A Study of Thomas Cook

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Research project

Table of Contents

TASK 1        3

1.1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications         3

1.2 Factors that contribute to the process         3

1.3 Critical review         4

1.4 Research project specification        6

1.5 Gantt chart        7

TASK 2        8

2.1 Matching the resources efficiently to the research questions        8

2.2 Undertaking the proposed research investigation        11

2.3 Record and collect relevant data        12

TASK 3        16

3.1 Research evaluation techniques        16

3.2 Interpret and analyse the results        16

3.3 Recommendation and area for further consideration         25

TASK 4        27

CONCLUSION        27

REFERENCES        28

  1. TASK 1

  1. 1.1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications

        In a competitive market there are many companies who are using new technologies for increasing sales and profit. In order to accomplish company goals and objective firm need to focus on effective social media marketing strategies which is begin popular in present time. People are now highly active on social networking platforms, so it can be considered as one of effective source by the from in order to increase sales (Aaker,  2006). The present research is based on explore the influence of social media marketing to enhance the sales of travel and tourism sector. It is essential for Thomas Cook to use new technology such as social media marketing so that sales and profit can be increased.

Aim: To explore the influence of social media and technology in enhancing sales in the travel and tourism sector: A study of Thomas Cook


  • To understand the importance of new technology that is social media marketing
  • To analyse the link between social media marketing and sales of Thomas Cook
  • To evaluate the impact of social media marketing on sales of Thomas Cook
  • To recommend strategies for improving social media marketing to enhance sales

Research questions

  • What is the importance of new technology that is social media marketing?
  • What is the link between social media marketing and sales of Thomas Cook?
  • What is the impact of social media marketing on sales of Thomas Cook?
  • What are the strategies for improving social media marketing to enhance sales?
  1. 1.2 Factors that contribute to the process

        In the current research, there are components which can affect the investigator while making selection of the research topic. Here, below are some factors that can directly affect the researcher:

        Semi structured topic given by the college- One of the main factor was known as the instruction which is provided by the college for making selection of the topic. It can lead to the semi structured interview of the respondents with this an instance.

        Self interest- To select this topic one of the reason is the self interest of the scholar. It is a fact that attractive social media marketing strategies can easily grab attention of customers. Along with this it also leads to influence the sales of the firm. Therefore, it leads to make easier for the investigator to link the selected topic with the subject matters with the own set of experience in related to the new technology (Badke, 2012).

        Easy access to primary data: at last, it is easy for the investigator to get access of the primary data on the selected topic which is one of another rationale to select this topic. It is an considering fact that Thomas cook is operating its business at global level and it is important for them to use new technologies for influencing customers (Bell and Bryman, 2003).

  1. 1.3 Literature review

        According to the view of Chaffey (2008), social media marketing is playing significant role in present time in respect to grab the attention of customers and influence them to make purchase decision. There are many new technologies which are introduced in the market and most of the companies have adopted them in order to carry out business activities. Many companies who have switched from traditional method to the modern method of advertisement due to the implementation of new technology (Chaffey, 2008). It leads to reduce the cost and time of the firm and make easier for them to target large number of customers in less time. There are many social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc which are highly in used by both customers as well as companies. Aaker (2006) that There are large number of people who daily sign up on this social networking platform and used more than 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, doing advertisement on this is one of the effective method for the firm. Before using social media as a marketing tool it is important for the firm to understand its significance and features through which they can easily target large number of customers. Travel and tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in the UK. Contradicting to this Blokdijk (2015) there are many companies who are operating their business in this sector and give tough competition to each other. Therefore, it is important for the firm to use social media so that they can enhance their sales and profit. With the use of traditional method, it is not easy for tour companies to target large customers. Social media help in connecting people from one place to another whether they are far or near Chaffey (2016).  

According to the Mitchell and, (2012), with the use of social media marketing company can influence customers to make purchase decision. It leads to provide chance to shows customers their offers and discounts. Along with this, firm can directly communicate with its customers and resolve their issues and query.  Hanafizadeh and Payam (2012) argued that social media has changed the way of tourism marketing. There are most of the customers who do their trip planning online through referring this ad they can easily make purchase decision. Facebook recommendation also play signification role in making decision of tour trip Fleishman (2015). On Facebook commendation feature provide chance to take advise from peers and friends. There are many users who are collecting feedback from their networks related to each and everything from hotels to travel ad to the destinations. Li and Kannan (2014) argued that there are many travellers who are deliberately running social medial for planning their trips and it become a massive sources of inspiration to travel without a destination. Along with this, it is also one of the effective customer services platforms for customers. Social media lead to provide effective way through customer’s services can be provided. For example, any customer who is not satisfied with the tour package can directly drop message on Facebook or comment on post (Li and Kannan, 2014).

Kimergård and, (2014) state that for better sale performance company need to engage themselves in social media. They should stay active 24 hours and post regularly so that traffic can be increase. Along with this information can be provided related to the new tour packages with the price so that customer can make decision of buying their product and services.

Social Media Marketing is tremendously affecting company and market as firm development and execution are occurring at a galactic amount (Kimergård and, 2014).. Web-based social networking supports in creating business strategies. Online networking stages like, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on., demonstrate an open door for organizations to snatch the consideration of the clients while creating a image of brand. Therefore, these social firm enable organizations to utilize strategies to construct and make mark profiles such as fan pages, challenges and so forth. By Social media advertising, one can make sense of the preferences and inclinations of clients and in addition the most recent patterns embraced by the general population. Web-based social networking advertising enables a brand/organization to construct a solid online presence through inventive web-based social networking promoting procedures and consumer loyalty.  In this context study of Hall, (2016) explained, Facebook is a famous free long range interpersonal communication site on which enrolled can make profiles, transfer photographs and recordings, send messages and stay in contact with companions, family, and partners. Individuals can likewise make Facebook pages identified with organizations, brands, and administrations. There are 2.07 billion from month to month dynamic Facebook clients with an expansion of 16% expansion year over year.

One of the arguments or debates why travels engage in social media or social networking sites is mainly for the need to obtain information relating to travel and share their comments, reviews, opinions and personal experiences about their travels or vacations (Sukhu et al, 2015). In a study that was done by comScore in 2007 (cited in Leung et al., 2013, p.9), it was found out that 84% of travellers reported that travel reviews had a massive influence on their purchase decisions. Interestingly, despite the importance of social networking sites or social media have in the process of information search, there are still arguments questioning the reliability and credibility of what is actually communicated through these sites as very often the sender of information is unknown and the lack of contact physically in online communications makes it hard in exchanging information.


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