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Rock on Social Media

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Firstly, posting photos, images and videos on companies’ websites on Facebook is always considered to be a wise option to provide more useful information in an interesting way, which is beneficial for firms to attract more potential customers. For example, Jawbone posts images and videos related to its products in order to not only keep its followers engaged but also help to sell products. Meanwhile, the strategy that Chipotle adopts is to shares some fun images linked to a TED Talk on eating healthy, which suits for its position and impresses customers to bring in some traffic.

Secondly, like what amazon does, engaging fans with interesting questions and visual content relevant to products can be an effective way to attract more attention. Similarly, Google shares links and creates discussion topics to make its funs engaged. The active involvement is always necessary.

Thirdly, many firms tend to launch some campaigns on websites to make fans get involved in. Converse launches some social campaigns to show photos sent by real fans and these photos feature its products in daily lives. Creating campaigns to make fans actively participate in is an effective promotion to appeal to more potential customers.

Fourthly, the background image of company websites on Twitter also matters. Spirit tries to keep its background image to be in tune with the overall look of Spirit while Mac Cosmetics has a consistency with its logo and background image. This consistency may impresses followers when they are visiting the website, which makes it easier for customers to connect these images with features of products. In other word, customers may think of the product features when they see the brand images.

Fifthly, firms need to interact well with their fans, especially on Twitter. Firms are supposed to share useful links featuring their products, tag other users, retweet actively and focus on hash tags on Twitter. It is proved to be a helpful approach to keep followers engaged in and trigger fans’ interest to use these products and further make customers engaged with this brand to build up brand awareness and loyalty.

Sixthly, companies ought to take advantage of Pinterest as a useful platform to show interesting images of their products to impress


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