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A Summary of “social Media Is a Romance Contraceptive”

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                        A Summary of “Social Media Is a Romance Contraceptive”

In his article” Social Media Is a Romance Contraceptive,” David Wygant (2013) states that social media limit romance in relationships. To support his ideas, Wygant points out that social media like Facebook consider “an imaginary world”. Therefore, the author goes on an example about the girl who loses her moment finding romance in real life because of social media. Moreover, social media, such as Facebook and Twitter avoid the face-to-face communication among people. Therefore, Wygant believes that in order to find romance, people have to keep far away from the phone when they go outside.     

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                        A Summary of “Facebook can Clarify the Status of a Relationship”

According to her article “Facebook can Clarify the Status of a Relationship,” Gretchen Kelmer (2012) argues that Facebook helps people’s relationships become clearer. Moreover, the old ways to determine their relationships are getting confusing. Hence, the author claims that Facebook clearly confirms the relationships between people and people through giving important information. Thus, Kelmer believes that Facebook is able to address confusions in relationships among people. In her opinion, Facebook is one of the social network can decrease uncertainties.                                                        Work cited


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