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Rmit Melbourne Scholarship

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Thanh: Good morning everyone. Today, we will discuss about which student is most suitable for RMIT Melbourne Scholarship. As you see, we have 4 applicants: Bui Pham Thanh Thao, Naseem Sohawon, Wu Hui-ju, Erik Valazquez. Tran, can you tell us what the applicants must show?

Tran: First, their studies will make a positive contribution to society. Secondly, They are able to study successfully at one of the best universities in the world. Thirdly, They will benefit from the scholarship due to their financial situation. Thanh, what about our applicants, what do they have?

Thanh: Let talk about our applicants. Thao wants to study Law, Sohawon wants to learn Architecture, Hui-ju applies for game design and Erik wants to study education. In my opinion, I will choose Erik because he meets almost the critical. How about you Tran? What do you think about other ones?

Tran: I choose Erik too. In my point of view, Thao is enthusiastic and well-organised, but she has her own family and business already and she just wants to learn law to save her money for hire lawyers. That means she will not make a positive contribution to socialty. About Sohawon, what do you think Thanh?

Thanh: He is creative and imaginative. He wants to contribute to society though his dream of designing beautiful building to make people happy. Not only his parent have enough money to pay for him for his university fees, we don’t need to give he a scholarship for school. But also, his academic scores are low, I don’t think he able to study at our university. What about Hui-ju, why you choose Erik instead of her Tran?

Tran: In my opnion, Hui-ju suit for some critical. She is intelligent and skilled with technology. Her academic scores are high. She wants to study game design because both her and her friends enjoy playing games in their free time, so I don’t think she will contribute a lot for society. This is the reason why I don’t choose her.


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