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Should Standardized Tests like the Act and Sat Be Used to Determine Student Qualification for Scholarships and College Programs?

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"No single test score can be considered a definitive measure of a student's knowledge or capabilities." The earliest evidence of the use of standardized testing dates back to China, when tests were used for men applying for government positions. It was later introduced to Europe in the 19th century. For the last sixty years standardized testing has made its way into the U.S education system. It has also been used for college acceptance, scholarships, and program acceptance for many decades. However, as the world evolves into a modern society, standardized tests prove to be incapable of giving the full picture of a student's knowledge and capabilities. Therefore, tests like the ACT or SAT should not be used as deciding factors in college acceptance, scholarship opportunities and program acceptances.

Tests like the ACT and SAT prove to be a very bias way to test capabilities. That is because the children who have wealthier parents or live in more fortunate households have the means to receive mentoring and to become more prepared through courses specifically targeted for these tests. A study was done by the College Board about this issue. The test results showed that as a family's income rises, the students SAT scores rise. This example proves this point directly. The experiment results can be applied to almost any other standardized test including the ACT. And this creates an unfair system for our students.

These tests prove to lack the importance given to them for the reason that they make students lack creativity and out of the box thinking. They are also not a good measure of how well a student works with others; both of which are extremely important factors in the work field. Standardized tests are not a good way of measuring the amount of true skill and knowledge. The depths of knowledge can not be tested in only four subjects. Even if we could test the depths of knowledge it is unfair to only test that. Factors must also include life skills but most importantly, values, morals and social skills. The long term effect of these standardized tests is all summed up in this quote; "Standardized tests, for standardized students". What that basically says is the more reliance we put on these tests the more that students will focus on being that type of student the test makes look good. This creates standardized students, or students that are all the same that lack creativity and uniqueness.

Standardized tests add a significantly large amount of stress on the


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