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Planning a Presentation

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1. The planning of our event went well, our rehearsing went well we all knew what we were doing, but we didn't start rehearsal early, next time in the future we could start rehearsing, we were all nervous and uncomfortable, since we have never met, or seen these people before, we all set our selves something do to within the group and put it together at the end of the lesson to see how it all came together e.g. Jack would do the photos, Abii would do the presentation layout and I would do the questionnaire. We had a few ideas but we did not disagree when some one in the group brought up an idea, we elaborated on the idea, or made a few changes to it, rather than turn it disagree. We did do well, but not as good we could have done, we could have planned early, we did not plan at the last minute, but should have started planning as soon as possible, so our presentation and lesson was perfect down to every detail, in the future if I was to plan a future event, I would start plan on the day we are giving the event/task to do.

2. We had all the resources we needed, but some of our resources did not work, for example the pens, when the students had to fill out the questionnaire, they were complaining about the pen, so we should have had back up pens, but we were eventually able to get pens, for the students to use, thankfully we did not forget any of the resources we needed. In a future event, I will make sure that I check all resources, are fully functioning and in good quality making sure a day before we do the business event.

3. During our presentation, the students were silent and fully focused and did not ask any questions, from our questionnaire most students said they learned new things from our presentation such as they didn't know college students had free periods neither did they know palmers had a gym, in our questionnaire students said that the presentation was to rushed, the presentation was rushed because as a group we were nervous, in the future we could calm down, instead of thinking negatively and go through the presentation slowly and calmly. The students during our lessons got involved and were excited about the task we gave them do to, we as a group fully explain the task, in our questionnaire, students said we should of explained the task more, because they did not understand the rules of the task, so in an future event we could give a more detailed explanation of the task.

4. When we did our presentation, we worked together as we all allocated a slide to read out and expand on, for the students to understand what life of palmers was about, when we were carrying out the presentation we were all nervous and under pressure to perform, but we had to carry out the lesson we were not nervous but had low self a steam , we went around asking what school the students were from to try to interact with them, and gave them the rules during the task we set, we did not praise the students, or have full control over the students due to lack of self a steam, in the future we could praise the students for teamwork and hard work and take more control over the students rather then letting them do what they want, e.g. Students was stealing other teams balloons, if we had more control we could of told them to


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