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Polytechnic Gym Plan

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Polytechnic Gym

Business Plan


Table of Contents:

Page 3 Executive Summary

Page 4 Goals

Page 5 Action Plan

Page 6 Operational Plan

Page 9 Marketing Plan

Page 10 Financial Plan

Executive Summary:

This business plan was prepared by ……………………………………. It's purpose is to present before the Board of Directors and interested parties the plan to offer a exercise and health gym here at Polytechnic

It's basic mission is to provide access for students and tutors to gym facilities that are flexible and focused on the students needs and situation such as costs, time and location.

It will be under the current structure of the Polytechnic with the management rights leased allowing the Polytechnic to remain in control of the direction and needs of the gym without the need to manage or provide the services.

A SWOT analysis has highlighted some opportunities and strengths than will prove the venture to be successful as well as weaknesses and threats that will need to be addressed and monitored.

A Marketing plan has highlighted the customer as being mainly the students enrolled at the Polytechnic has identified a target of 840approx as market share.

Price and Place is going to be the main contributors towards the marketing mix and plan.

Financial assumptions have calculated an estimate of $44520 towards purchasing of initial Assets.

Target revenue is estimated to be $117,600 and total expenses estimated as $85,000 leaving a estimated profit of $32,600.

An implementation plan has been added for the first three months to enable a successful set-up.


Mission Statement for the Gym:

‘ To provide a facility of exercise and health that caters for the student needs of the polytechnic and the community.

The Gym will endeavour to accommodate quality equipment and facilities and while being flexible and practical for all parties of interest'


‘To be the first choice gym for Students and Staff of the Polytechnic'

Strategic Plan:

Over the next three years the Gym will develop and establish it self as a reputable asset of the Polytechnic and have its own fixed and specialised premises.

The Gym will be a self-sustaining business that will operate independent of polytechnic funds and contributions.

Action Plan: Initial start-up

Action to be taken Start date Signed

Present proposal to Board of Directors 12/12/10

Book the Education Centre 12/12/10

Draft lay-out plans 5/01/11

Submit plans for consent 13/01/11

Purchase Equipment 3/03/11

Operational Plan:


The Gym concept developed from the common issue facing students, affordable gym facilities and time. The concept was established to cater for the students budget by being partially covered by the polytechnic and student fees.

Its location and accessibility meant that students and staff could use the facilities around class times as well as after hours. The benefits of such an establishment would be;

• Can be flexible around child care arrangements

• Time between classes

• Can be scheduled into study routines

• An excellent option for stress

• Being fit and healthy stimulates focus and learning

The Purpose of this business plan is to provide the Polytechnic with a outlined proposal of this venture in order to obtain their support and funding.

We are hoping to be established by the third trimester of 2010 and operate fully by the start of 2011. We plan to promote the facilities to all students and staff of the Polytechnic and then out to local colleges which in turn will help promote the polytechnic to school leavers and the wider community.

Structure and Service details:

The Gym will be under the current ownership and structure of the Polytechnic. The management rights will be leased to a separate entity i.e. contractor with restrictions on operating standards.

The facilities will be in the old learning services block that has now become vacant. All gym equipment will be owned by the Polytechnic and provided as part of the leasing rights.

The expected services that will be provided will include but limited to;

• Gym and exercise equipment

• Personal trainers

• Exercise


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