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Nfl Agrumentative Essay

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When I was in sixth grade, I was having fun with my little brother and my two friends. My brother, who was 8 at the time, head-butted my friend, and it gave my friend a concussion. Now, my friend was thirteen and he just happened to get hit in the bright place on the head to give him a concussion. Now imagine in the NFL, two giant players ramming into each other, over a ball, helmets won't really protect you either, seeing as how another helmet of the same material is colliding with it, causing both players high risk of getting a concussion. On top of that however, this happens AT LEAST 12-20 times a game. How can these players feel safe, knowing that no matter how hard they've worked to get where they are, to come out of it in the hospital or with a coma. That's the risk we, risk not just players, but real PEOPLE to this every single day. THAT is my problem with how football and how it is played.

Now I will tell you, this has been protested for years, but it has never gotten big enough to do something except add more safety measures, which have done little to help, if at all. Even the NFL admits that an estimated 1/3 of their players will leave with brain injuries, that last a lifetime (Study taken from passage 1). This is a chance every NFL players takes to make a living, every day. Take CTE for example. Autopsies on dead NFL ex-players found that a very high percent of them had CTE (Taken from passage 1 statement on CTE). CTE is a brain condition that stops blood flow in the brain and causes death to brain cells. How do you get CTE you may ask, Increased brain trauma. What is this risk for? For advanced medical care? Trying to help the entire human race through advanced study? Helping our government train our military? No, it's for our entertainment, and that’s why it's such a big, unstoppable issue. Football has such a big following that it would take a miracle to stop it so that the rules can change, and everyone knows the risks they put these people in, and they stand by anyway.

Now the NFL has safety measures in place, no denying that, but it's obvious they don't work, and they aren’t effective. In the heat of a game though, not much is. That is because they don't really seem to have proper control over their players. I know that the players can't be entirely controlled, but all you need to do is search up a mad NFL player compilation on YouTube and you see the real reality of the issue. NFL players have little to no punishment when it comes to hurting a fellow player, just because they're on another team. It's crazy if you think about it, imagine tackling one of your co-worker in any other job just because they made you mad. Imagine what your boss would do. Around 90 percent of the time they would fire you, if you're lucky. That happens almost DAILY in the NFL when players get mad. This would not be as big of a problem if it gave more punishment to the players actions.


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