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Minutes of the Social Media Strategy for Dot’s and Candles Company

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  1. Title: Minutes of the Social Media Strategy for Dot’s and Candles Company


Date: 10.12.2018

Time: 2:30 pm

Venue: Edinburgh College, Milton Campus

  1. Confirmation of those present: (no apologies)

Sofia Khan

                Lidice Nascimento

                Lewis Renton

                Dominika Serwin

  1. Last minutes confirmed.
  2. Minutes of speakers



Sofia Khan 

Sofia was speaking about three businesses’ websites and she grouped them in pros and cons. It was Sunset Nails, Purusha hairdressing and Bagelfish. Sofia is thinking that the last website was the closest to an efficient one and as a recommendation she pointed:

Links to other social media

Full price list

Full contact information

Sofia is going to send an e-mail to everyone about her recommendation on 17.12.2018.

Lidice Nascimento

Lidice was talking about social media strategy for Dot’s and Candles. She analised 3 websites: Hope’s Garden, Sugar Daddy’s and Nutritio Vitae. She mentioned that only two of them got Twitter and Instagram account and he type of content, structure and strategy should consider the target audience.

Her recommendations are as follows:

-Consider cost

-Use high quality pictures on the website

-Create a content to be use on the website

Lidice will prepare her report with all recommendations ready for 17.12.2018.

Lewis Renton

Lewis Renton was speaking as a third. He has chosen 2 businesses to investigate: Delta Fry ad Lucas Ice Cream. Lewis suggests that having at least one of the many social medias is a key to having a successful business ad it can create positive customer relations.

His recommendation is to having

account on Facebook.

He will prepare comparison of the best social media for business and get it ready for 17.12.2018.

Dominika Serwin

Dominika was talking about “Aromatherapy treat” website as a good example for those who are planning to create their company website. She mentioned that it is crucial to remember that website is for our audience not for the owner.

Her recommendation is to have transparent structure.

She will check search engines to make sure that website is ready and easy to check for customers and get this ready for 17.12.2018.


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