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Wellness Clinic Business Plan

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Business Plan




              Executive Summary

The plan is an overview report on the pathways to wellness clinic that covers the various services offered by the clinic which acupuncture, homeopathy, and so forth. The clinic provides alternative medicine for the patients and is comprised of experts from every field of complementary and alternative medicine. The experts are equipped with the required experience hence enhancing the provision of services. The organization had been effective in rendering services to the members of the society since its formation back in 2010. It has played a significant role in promoting alternative medicine, which has proven to be effective in improving the daily health of the patients painlessly. Alternative medicine has surpassed conventional medicines in curing chronic related diseases.

Business Objectives

Purpose of the Plan

The Pathways wellness clinic plan is to reach out to patients who seek to use their services to cure diseases by offering a range of services such provision of nutritional medicine to its patients for relieving pain. Increase awareness on matters concerning health-related conditions such as chronic low back pain. To expand the delivery of its services across the communities in Australia, the business plan is to outline the activities that will be carried out by the clinic to provide the best services to its customers. Come up with a system that will attract patients for better treatment. The plan is to emphasize the need for alternative medicine as opposed to conventional medicine.

Description of the Business

The business is a healthcare organization that focuses on curing patients using alternative medicine and a patient-centric approach that ensures partnerships among

 Practitioners, patients to arrive at decisions that cater to the needs and preferences of the patients. The healthcare organization will cover areas in the country which are affected by epidemic diseases, and that need medical attention. Places in the country that have been subjected to total dominance of conventional medicine will be educated on the importance of embracing alternative medicine, which is more desirable and can affect health.

Mission Statement

The HealthCare organization main goal is to embrace an alternative way of curing diseases in a better idea of improving on conventional medicine in complementary ways. The organization will work to see that its products and services are spread and sold in every part of the country to maximize profits and help treat certain diseases which need alternative medicine treatment.

Short Term Goals

To enhance partnership with the experts from another field of medicine. This will ensure the services offered to the patients are appropriately configured to the current trends in the market

To enable a system that allows collaborative communication between the patients and experts.

To increase awareness through posters and other reading materials on the need for a change of treatment and adoption of the alternative medicine

Long Term Goals

To develop a sustainable way of healing patients by engaging them to participate in the process of treatment.

To endeavor in strengthening and adopting policies that accommodate both conventional and alternative medicines to diversify the HealthCare system

To expand the clinic and open up branches that support the alternative medicine that is less painful to customers.

To create a competitive market of quality products and services to compete in the global market and to influence other health care systems to join in the movement of switching to alternative medicine

To create an environment where patients are cured and treated from asthma or other health-related diseases in a painless manner and one that has less or no disadvantages.

Target Population

The target population is mainly the youths and older people who will understand that the alternative medicine entails and ones that will be able to learn from the experts of the various fields of medicine (Adobor, 2019). We intend to treat over 1500 patients per month as we endeavor to expand the clinic as well.

Market Competition

The completion in the health care system is stiff, and we plan to ensure the provision of better medical services such as acupuncture therapy which eases pain in the knees neck and the headache (Bradley, 2017). We guarantee to set the pace in the market by ensuring the delivery of quality services and improving on conventional medicines. The healthcare organization will ensure that the majority of its products are rated the best in the market after usage to acquire quite some patients who would want to try these products, thus gaining popularity. Once this has been achieved, the market competition will help us to make more profits.

Business description and legal structure

Business and Trading Name

The Pathways to Wellness Clinic

Business Legal Structure

Sole Trader

This is a business structure that is relatively cheap and one that will be aged by an individual since he or he is responsible for making decisions on all aspects of the business. They are no agreed or written consensus since an individual runs the business. No agreement between parties in the formation of this kind of business structure.


According to Steinberg (2016), a company is a separate legal business structure and whereby the owners limit their liability and are generally presumed not to be responsible for company debts, and it is a bit expensive compared to a sole trader. It is usually associated with people holding meetings to discuss all aspects of business and ways which can be applied to improve on the strategies of production and so forth. It will comprise of minutes writing for future reference.


This a form of business structure in which more than one individual is involved in starting a business idea to make profits


Australian business number issues to sole traders and other forms of business. This will license the various business operations being conducted in the country.


It refers to the Australian company which is issued to companies in Australia by Australian securities and investments commission


It is related to as goods and services tax which is imposed on goods by the authority. For a business practice to be validated and legalized, it has to pay this tax for compliance.

Trading Terms

It is an agreement between the buyer and the seller on business aspects such as returns, discounts, and so forth. The trading terms also include the period to pay debts between the buyer and the seller. It can also include the annual reports which are prepared in companies to impress shareholders and assess performance.

Products and Services

 Products include the items that are tangible for consumers to buy such chemotherapy machines to screen cancer while services are intangible output such counseling which will be rendered to patients by experts. For every business to be successful, it needs to have better goods and services. They as a connector between the buyer and seller. It is a channel which is used by organizations to sell their corporate image to the outside world.

Business Premises

A structure in which business will be carried out. It will be bought or leased depending on the availability of funds. Other companies require a large size while others will operate in small sizes. Business premises determine the number of employees a company can accommodate, that is, the bigger the business premise, the more the number of employees it can accommodate.

Domain Name/Website

It will act as an IP address such as www. Pathways The website provides information concerning a business. It is an avenue which is used by companies to advertise their good and services via the internet. Any business operation can have its website where it posts its products and services for people with access to the internet to see what they offer.

Licenses and Permits

Issued by the local and federal authority when starting a new business. Businesses without permits and licenses are termed illegal because and might be engaging in unlawful activities in the country like smuggling of goods into the countries while avoiding the import tax.

The legal and regulatory requirements of pathways wellness clinic will contain essential requirements such as:

  1. The registered business name that is pathways wellness clinic
  2. Federal taxes which are paid as regulated by the federal government of Australia
  3. Compliance to state and local taxes within the area of pathways wellness clinic operation
  4. Approved business permits and licenses to conduct business operations
  5. Respecting the business laws and regulations formulated

Pathways wellness clinic will ensure that its name is registered under the companies act and that it is certified to carry out its activities anywhere in the country. The healthcare care organization will also ensure that it complies with state and local taxes as well as the federal taxes (Noe, Hollenbeck Gerhart& Wright, 2017). The pathway clinic will ensure that it has permits to sell its products and services to its patients, as stated by the law. A legal business or organization will have protection by the authority in case something comes up that is tying it to the laws of the land. The healthcare organization will strive to ensure that the all the procedures and documents required to verify the legality of any business are met and that it is duly acting within the framework and policies as stipulated by the authority. This will make our work easier and avoid penalties and fines that are issued by the relevant authority in case of defiance and evasion of tax.


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