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Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry

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My Big Dream

        By: Cate Feezor          

        While the morning of March 9th hit on a sunny California day, a green eyed medium high girl woke up in a hospital bed after ten years of sleep. Looking down at her was Sophia a brown eyed and brown haired girl. They were set at a hospital for Cate's concussion that led to her being paralyzed. The bed sheets were covered with horses jumping over oxers, Cate's favorite thing to do. Looking around not knowing what was going on she smiled.


        The first thing that happened when Cate woke up was all the nurses rushing over to help her and see if she was ok and to see the amazement, because they all though that she would never come back. Looking at all the new faces, Cate got really dizzy and scared. Listening to everyone, she her a faint voice in the background calling “Cate it's going to be ok.” From loosing all of her memories she didn't know who it was. So she put her head back down and dozed off. When everything settled down again Sophia started to explain why she was here. Still knowing how to read and write she understood most of what they were saying. Picturing the story in her mind it went like this. It started out to be a breezy day at the stables in 2010 and Cate was going out for a ride, and wind can be really scary for horses when they are not used to the wind. Cate was taking out a new horse that she was trying out to lease, the owners of the horse said that the horsed was used to crazy winds. So getting on the horse not thinking about if it spooks and huge branch fell of the tree and slammed on the ground, the horse reared and Cate fell off and hit her head really hard. So on the way to the hospital diagnosed with a major concussion but when you got into the hospital you were paralyzed.


        Next, after a few months of recovering they let her of only on the condition that she was going to be very careful. A few months after Cate was let out of the hospital Cate was ready to get back on a horse again. Then finally Sophia broke the news. All a long cate has owned the ranch with Sophia, but sophia wanted it to be a surprise. Looking at Cate she was so excited you could see her mind go blank like she was about to pass out, but luckily she didn't. Then see ran and hugged Sophia. Now knowing that all 25 acres were hers brightened up her day. “Ok” Sophia said, “hope on the horse of yours and I will teach you the basics. So Sophia helped Cate get on because she was still a little weak from not doing anything all those years but after that you couldn't even tell she had been paralyzed all those years. Like a pro Cate was jumping 4ft in a year or so. Next she was riding in big events and winning big prizes. Finally Cate realized that no one bothered to tell her about her parents and why she never asked about them.


        Finally, Cate went searching for Sophia through the ranch. Walking towards Sophia she asked her a the straight up question without giving Sophia any warning “Where are my parents?” Sophia stood there and gasped. Cate felt really scared wondering if they are still alive. Watching them walk up to the ranch house, Sophia sat her down at the kitchen table and made them both so tea. A few minutes later you could see Cate didn't look very happy. The next few days were very rough for Cate. She seemed very depressed. She wasn't trying to find new ways or improve anything, but instead just doing what was easiest. Everyone was wondering what has gotten into her.


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