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Bach Flowers, a Natural Way to Relief Your Phisical and Emotional Pain

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A natural way to relieve your physical and emotional pain

Have you ever seen people paralyzed by fear? Do you feel anxious, tense or depressed? Have you ever seen parents with an endless flu? Fears, trauma, loneliness, frustration, despair and resentment are emotions that have been with us since immemorial time, even in this era of advanced technology. All diseases have two basic aspects: the physical and the emotional. Here, in the emotional aspect is where the Bach flowers therapy works.

What is The Bach Flower therapy?

The Bach flowers are a series of natural essences used to treat various emotional situations, such as fear, loneliness, despair, stress. They were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the region of Wales in Britain, between 1926 to 1934. He experimented with various native wildflowers until finding 38 natural remedies, each one with healing properties for various emotional problems. His theory was the physical illnesses are emotional in origin, and if the emotional conflicts persist for a long time, the illnesses begin to appear. The Bach's Flowers helps to relieve the emotional illness and later, the body itself heals the physical illnesses. That's how works the emotions therapy.

The theory behind the Bach flower essences

Dr. Bach knew that the human being is more than a physical body. The human being incorporates a body of life energy, a body of sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual body. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants. Dr Bach believed that the flower essences interact with the subtle bodies and so can help people with physical illness by addressing the emotional responses to their illness. More and more are the investigations that prove established by Dr. Bach: Emotions have a profound effect on our health. Not only affect the immune system, but also create predisposition to many diseases. Virtually, every disease has been associated with negative emotion: hatred, envy and resentment with cancer, skin diseases associated with poor-self esteem.


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