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The Walkthrough to My Life - a Career and Life Plan

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The Walkthrough to My Life

A Career and Life Plan

        Inspired by the strategy guide for a video game which walks you through the game or story you follow along. This is a step-by-step plan to the different milestones and timelines on the different aspects of my life. This encompasses the 25-year journey as I transition to my current stage of finding one’s self to focusing on building the future of those who are counting on me. I would like to take this opportunity to remind myself of how far I’ve become as I prepare for the road ahead.


I envision myself to develop my employees to be potential business leaders that drives A-player mindset in promoting consistent exemplary performance and accountability, by nurturing a team culture adherent to the company’s values and principles, and fostering long term relationships with new and old clients alike to provide opportunities for sustainable growth in our business.


My mission is to have an unending desire to develop myself and hone my skills to be the best person that I could become. To make a personal commitment to uphold honesty and integrity in my every action and decision. To build a reputation of being dedicated to every life goals that I set while having successes in all my personal and professional endeavors. To live a life of contentment and appreciation to every day that passes. To maintain positive relationships with my family and friends as well as to make a significant impact as a valued member of our society.


Priority Area A:  Personal Circumstance and Family Life

At this point, I consider finishing my MBA degree to be my highest priority as I dedicate it to my late father who died earlier this year. I realized through that experience that life is indeed short and you can only rely on your family to be your source of strength and comfort during the waning moments of your life. I would like to take the challenge my dad left me to be the pillar of my family and be able to take care of my mom and little brother. However, it is also not far-fetched for me to eventually get married as I’ve been in a steady relationship for almost six years now.

Milestones and Timeframe

At present, the thought of getting married and starting a family is the least of my priorities with its grueling demands and obligations. The death of my dad still takes a toll on our family especially on my mother. I would first like to give back to her for all her sacrifices by spending quality time with her by traveling here and abroad.

Within the next two to five years, I plan to settle down with my significant other to build our own family. If God permits, it would be ideal for me to have three children. Within the next ten years, I would devote myself to providing for my family and sending my kids to the best schools. Within the next twenty-five years, I intend to retire early to date my wife again by traveling the whole world with her.    

Priority Area B:  Career

I would like to use my MBA degree to further my career in management specifically to human resources. I also have a medical, recruiting, insurance and management background that I could leverage in working my way up the corporate ladder. My passion for learning and developing others could be tailor-fit in pursuing a consultancy type of work in a management consulting firm.

Milestones and Timeframe

Within the next two years (30), I am expecting to move to a more senior management position in my current company as I was selected to lead a new business unit that focuses on growing our small to medium accounts. I plan to impart the knowledge I obtain from my MBA degree to develop my direct reports to be high performers and be potential leaders of our company.

Within the next five years (35), I plan to pursue a career in one of the top management consulting firms in our country. I feel that this will fast track my professional and personal growth as I partner with major organizations in every sector of the economy.

Within the next ten years (45), I plan to move up the corporate ladder to be a partner of our firm, so I can further my skills in project management. I think that resilience will be very important as well as providing myself with the right mentors to sustain my development through the tough periods of my career.

Within the next twenty-five years (53), I see myself as a renowned executive that will be more involved in the dictating the direction of our firm. I feel that with the vast amount of experience and my expertise, I’ll be able to be a difference maker in our industry that have a lasting impression for future generations.

Priority Area C:  Education

Pursuing my MBA degree has ignited my passion for continuous education. I believe that learning is a lifelong process as every individual needs to improve as they could be better. I would like my kids to emulate my pursuit of education towards personal and professional development.

Milestones and Timeframe

I expect to finish my MBA education in the next two years (2020) and focus on specializing in human resources. Throughout this duration, I will also take advantage of the management trainings of my current company as well as the sales and financial learning sessions of my insurance affiliation.

Within the next five to ten years, I intend to pursue project management courses and certifications such as Lean Six Sigma to handle complex projects. I am also open to opportunities training overseas that will widen my multicultural perspective and broaden my professional network.

Within the next twenty-five years, I expect to be a well renowned expert in my field that will enable me to pursue a doctorate degree in business administration. This will empower me to pursue teaching opportunities, so I could share my vast amount of experience and knowledge to my students. I’ll also plan to conduct research works and dialogue with fellow industry experts in our country or abroad to bring breakthroughs in our world.

Priority Area D: Social Responsibility and Public Service

        My desire for social responsibility and public service is brought about my dad succumbing to lung cancer earlier this year. Everyone has been impacted by cancer in one way or another as it becomes one of the leading causes of death in our country.

Within the year, I intend to leverage my connection with the insurance industry to support cancer afflicted families in their journey as well as sponsor cancer prevention and awareness campaigns.


Within the next twenty-five years, I wish to have a foundation of my own that will aid the world in eradicating cancer and provide refuge to those who are continuously fighting it. I believe that when cancer is finally cured, the world will be a better place to live in as there will no more people that will battle this dreaded disease.


Priority Area E:  Artistic

The world is a beautiful place to live in. With this, I intend to enroll myself to photography classes as I would like to perfectly document the places I went to and most importantly the milestones of my family. I plan to organize a photo gallery as a tribute to them and gives me an avenue to look back at the memories I shared with them.  

Priority Area F:  Financial

As an advocate of personal finance with my experience working as a part time insurance advisor, achieving financial freedom is a process. This starts with the initial step of assessing your finances and determining your financial goals. You are then able to determine and categorize your expenses to needs and wants as well as plan and adhere to a saving habit. This will help grow your net worth tremendously to achieve your life milestones.


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