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The Special Features of Gucci

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Tran Nguyen Chi Huy

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Name: Tran Nguyen Chi Huy

Student Number: l9939314

Class Code: S51905E


In recent years, the booming development of the fashion industry is getting more and more attention, especially the variety of models and designs of products. Gucci is one of the most famous luxury brands in the fashion industry. It has been considered a great fashionable achievement when Gucci have a huge of buyers from all over the world. Therefore, it is worthwhile knowing about Gucci products and the way they serve their customer.

First, Guccio Gucci was a renowned fashion designer and also the founder of Gucci. For most of the people who are a big fan of fashion, Gucci is one of the best brands for their outfit because Gucci has many types of fashion products such as bags, shoes, clothes and watches. Each products have a unique appearance with different sizes and mixed colours. The artist and fashionista are obsessed with it and already purchase it with the high price. In addition, another product of Gucci is Brochure watch. It is an expensive watch because it made by luxury materials with high-quality and created professionally with complex manufacture. It must are made by hand and by the professional person. Perhaps this watch is suitable for a mature person who affords to pay for the watch and wants to show their style because of its cost.

The stages of checking and packaging products such as clothes, shoes, backpacks and wallets are strict and thorough. After successfully creating the product, they often put the product through error checking to remove defective goods and check the durability of the product. The final step is carefully packaging and displaying in the stores so that products are the best products. They have stores all around the world, especially places where consumption of big goods like Asia and Europe. The store is also a place to grab the attention of clients to products because the way they distribute each product is reasonable and the seasonal decoration. In addition, the customer service staff with respect and enthusiasm are always friendly smile when welcoming others as well as seeing off guests and talking very politely when introducing products. With them, the precept: "the customer is a god" is always on top. Moreover, the incentives from Gucci always attract customers. When they become VIP members, on customers' birthdays, they will receive a gift and it's only for VIP level.

In short, Gucci products and how Gucci serve customers are of high quality as well as show the value of the brand. This is also the reason that Gucci products and brands are selling better and famous.



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