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Features of Grab Business Company

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Name: Thanh Hang (harper)

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Choose an existing product, business or service and describe its feature.

Grab is a high technology transportation company which has a large scale presence in many Southeast Asia countries. That is a good example of building successful company with unique characteristics. This essay will describe about great features of Grab especially economic development and social contribution.

First of all, Grab is a new generation business which has a modern operation mechanism. The impressive factor in the Grab mechanism is that Grab does not limit job applicants; for example, employees can use their own asset such as their cars and motorbikes to work and they are also be fully autonomous working time. Grab acts as the intermediary between drivers and customers, meaning that Grab is responsible for managing and connecting them based on both requirements , the profits of Grab come from 20% of the money which each driver receives after each trip. Grab establish two special applications for the purpose of operating and managing; one for drivers one for customers that mean both of them can embrace any necessary informations including personal informations of both drivers and customers; for instance they can get the contact method, destinations and the price of each trip to enhance the utility and safety of everyone. This progressive business model can bring the economy to an unprecedented level in the future.

Next, beside the impressive feature of economy, Grab also has the significant contributions to society such as solving unemployment and it can help us to solve traffic jams. For example, Grab creates thousands of employment opportunities that help improve people’s economic well-being by working in their free time to earn more. The development of transportation services means reducing the traffic flow of many personal vehicles which is the important factor to solve traffic jams . Another positive affect to society is that Grab also improves the quality of service for transportation in developing countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. For instance, traditional motorbike taxi drivers have an opportunity to work in a professional environment and that also makes the customers feel more secure. That is the reason why Grab has gained the trust of many customers and it is growing day by day.


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