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Technician Duties for Nicu Satellite Rx- Day Shift

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Technician duties for Nicu Satellite Rx- Day Shift

0700-0730 Arrive in NICU pharmacy, clean the glove box. Afterwards, make sure there is nothing that needs drawing up. Check to make sure all the drips are done up to 1000. If not, proceed to check drips rates and draw them up. Note*** Discard anything in the glove box prior to cleaning. Please clean hood; change Gloves, Glass, and countertops prior to drawing up anything. Also, hang new bags of NS, D5W, and SW.

0745-0815 Make sure all the 0800 meds are out

0815-0900 Go to the Main pharmacy to pick up omni-cell restocks and narcotics for the Nicu Pods A, B, C, D. Also, pick up the iv's from 1000-1400 for these floors. Proceed to restock the omni-cells. Please bring back all return meds from overnight to credit. You can go ahead and put the 1000 IV's in the fridge.

0915-1000 Check drip rates and proceed to make them. Usually you can go ahead and make the 1000 and 1100 drips. Also, be mindful of the printer and check it often for new meds or dc'd meds. When they are done, you can check


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