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Science on Chicken Production

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Science and technology bring to people a lot of benefits in specific fields in modern life. For example, in medicine, there are many surgeries that completed by an automated robot or farmers use effectively genetic crops were created by scientists to plants agriculture by the development of science. Similarly, due to applying science in chicken production, there are lots of positives.n intensively reared chicken farming, people usually use artificial light and temperature to control the atmosphere in the barn to make sure that poultry can grow fast in the best condition. This system can be managed by one computer, so the managers just need one employee to run it. For this reason, it reduces laborers and the price in marketplaces is cost-effective compared to traditional breeding methods. For example, this type of chicken cost about 2£ per kilogram while approximately 8£ for 1 kilogram of organic chicken. Secondly, scientists use genetic therapy to produce some chicken breeds that contain good factors like growing fast, more nutrients in meat and adapting severe weather. This can help this chicken from farms become a common choice of consumers. People also access advanced breeding facilities technology for waste treatment with probiotics, biogas tanks have contributed to solving the problem of environmental pollution. However, there are some obvious negative impacts of the use of science in the chicken industry. Because of using the automatical system in the barns, if there are some issues of with it the owner have to pay a quite high cost to fix it. It not only wastes time and money but also can be influential to the chickens as no equipment maintains warm air for chicken in the winter. Another drawback is that when one chicken contracts diseases, it will spread quickly to the others. Therefore, the manager tries to find possible measures to confront this problem. To sum up, science can be either an advantage or a disadvantage in chicken productivity.


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