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Pizza2go Case Study

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According to the case study, Pizza2Go, founded in 2005, is a successful Vietnamese pizza company with a network of franchises and 50 retail stores across nationwide. Since launched in 2005, Pizza2Go shares have increased over 2500 percent that guides it to one of the best companies on the market and benefited a lot of people. Last year, the total revenue of the company had achieved 202,747,000,000 VND. However. Little does the public realize the hidden fact behind the business, the reality inside the company as some major problems are coming from the top to the bottom of the company. In this essay, I am going to point out along with analysis as well as propose the solutions and strategies to improve the situation based on management theory.

II. Analysis:

As mentioned in the Introduction, there are two main problems run from the top to bottom that Pizza2Go have to deal with. The first one is the underpayment of wage and terrible working condition that employees have to suffer from year to year. That is leading to all the consequences inside the firm. Employees’ working motivations are being interrupted because


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