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Negotiation: Telepro

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Negotiation: TelePro

Role: Jeff, Supervisor

What issues are most important to you? (list in order of importance)  

  1. Follow policies and be consistent.
  2. Be fair to employees but not relax rules.
  3. Get support from Dave to progress in career.
  4. Address concerns regarding leave and scheduling policy.
  5. Keep a check on abandoned calls and not lose business.

What is your BATNA? Reservation Price? Target?

There is no BATNA in this case. The target here is to get support from Dave and make sure that the policies are for the benefit of the company. Even though I am aware of Kris’s position, I have to be firm on my stand and prove my point. I have to be a little soft while handling this issue, since I do not want Dave to feel that I am a taskmaster.

What are your sources of power?

  1. Experience with TelePro and support network.
  2. I am aware of the policies and I am abiding them to the core.
  3. I have been fair to other employees by not making a special condition for Kris.
  4. Since Dave is naïve, I have an upper hand to showcase my consistency in job over the years.

What issues are most important to your opponent? (list in order of importance)

  1. Change in the policy and getting paid for absence. She hasn’t fully utilized her sick leaves.
  2. Perhaps have different rules for working women.
  3. Keep job, since she has not threatened to quit (assumed).

What is your opponent’s BATNA? Reservation Price? Target?

There is no BATNA. Kris has a target to prove her point to Dave and change the policies. Also, avoid getting suspended and get paid for her absence.

What are your opponent’s sources of power?

  1. May get Dave’s support since Dave is new into the company. And may not know the rules and regulations. He may be sensitive towards women employees.
  2. Being a mother, she may have a few employment rights.
  3. Her performance has been good and this may make a difference for both Dave and Jeff.

What is your opening move/first strategy? Other important information?

I would start by pressing my points on Kris and make Dave aware that I am just doing my duty. I have to be a bit sensitive towards Kris since she is a mother and I do not want things to escalate. I may ask Dave to put forth his view about this issue and take his consultation. By this I will get to know if he is competent in this job. The foremost thing I need to do is get Dave’s attention towards me and not allow Kris to step over me.


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