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Negotiation Preeti

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Preeti - employee JR. excecutive Pragati – the HR

Darshan - Supervisor Manish – Boss

Girish - other Colleague JR. excecutive

Office operates every day. Mon to Sun 9 – 6 Win Win situation Collaborating

For Junior Executive 2 week off.

Supervisor - (Notices Preeti gets late often)

Preeti always says sorry and also explains the problem about train but the supervisor says rules are same for all.

Despite Supervisor giving several warnings to Preeti still the problem exist

Supervisor then reports the issue to the boss.

Boss ask HR to get involved for the same.

Meeting held where Boss, HR and Preeti sit for the issue.

Before the meeting (Other colleague talk to supervisor that Preeti needs to be penalised or fired.)

Preeti explains the issue to the Boss and the HR that she had explained to supervisor also about the train.

Preeti says morning reaching at 9 is not possible for her as she end up everyday reaching by 9.45 or 10 due to staying at virar or sumthng.



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