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Mgt4210 Varie Response

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Written response: Varix

Communication is key in negotiation, if all the parties are willing to share some information in order to reach an agreement the outcome may better satisfy both parties needs and requirements or goals.  Cooperation sometimes is more effective than competition.

During the negotiation, as a seller, my objective was to gather information from the two buyers in order to understand which one could help me to better achieve my goals and instore some kind of competition between the two of them. However getting the other parties to reveal part of their strategy may be very hard, and some of them could react in an aggressive way if they feel like you’re trying to extract information against their will. This is why I wanted to use some specific strategies in order to instore a friendly but still professional kind of relationship during the negotiation.

When building my strategy, the first thing that I try to do is anticipate the other parties’ intentions and goals. This doesn’t only limits to guessing the BATNA and Reservation Price, but has also a lot to do with how the people in front of you could try to achieve their goals and the possible choices that they could do. In order to make the game more challenging I started by opening the negotiation, talking about the product that I was selling, underlining that it came from a selected species of pheasants and that it was very important and requested in the pharmaceutical field. That way I tried to (re)build the first impression of the product in the buyers’ mind, saying that experts evaluated those eggs as a very high quality product. The remaining part of my strategy worked on the “scarcity” factor,  I developed it making it seem like the production of eggs was barely enough to satisfy the market and that I already received other offers, that I had to accept or not in a limited time.


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