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Judicial Systems of Colleges and Universities Are Hindering Our Society by Not Holding People Responsible for Their Actions

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The main point of his argument was that the judicial systems of colleges and universities are hindering our society by not holding people responsible for their actions. How is this going to affect the value of the individuals as they grow older and enter the work, which runs our society?

Dr. Silber begins and ends with a "life changing" situation. Both the Church Court and drafting into the Vietnam War are substantial events. The "benefit of clergy" changed many lives and saved many from death.

How persuasive is he?

What type of authority does it carry?

Dr. Silber had no personal gain from bringing up this issue

"students are receiving special treatment"


Dr. John Silber, author of the article in the New York Times "Students Should Not Be above the Law" held the position of President of Boston University from 1971 to 1996 served as Chancellor. You will have to recognize the creditability he gains from his experience.

Main point/Summary of my analyzing

Point One: Students' Lack of Accountability/Responsibility

Point Two: Colleges/Universities Judicial System is affecting our Society

Point Three: Colleges/Universities Lack Ethics – How the administrators can let this happen


1) Experience

2) Using substantial examples

3) Author has no persona


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