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Corporate Responsibility for the Global Business

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Establishing a reputable brand ties in with a firm's financial profitability, how equitably it treats its stakeholders, its level of corporate responsibility to the environment and society and lastly, how well it copes in the environment it operates.

Although Infosys is small, in terms of its level of globalisation, it presents a huge potential for future growth. Here are reasons why you should invest in Infosys:

Client-focused Growth Strategy Rather than a building on cost-differentiation, Infosys focuses on providing custom-engineered software for a concentrated number of large firms globally. It believes in quality-driven products and not engaging in low-cost contracts. Through this, it has enhanced its brand visibility and has stocks that have performed above stock market expectations.

Potential for Expanding Globally Besides engaging its existing clients, Infosys has promising prospects in establishing new operations in China, Australia and Mexico. It plans to further diversify its portfolio to keep on track with its competitors and build a global brand name. This is driven by Infosys's pool of skilled engineers, an "open-door" leadership style and a successful implementation of marketing techniques.

Alliances and Acquisitions Infosys builds on fostering relationships with leading technology providers so that they can take advantage of emerging economies


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