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Manage Problem Between the Manager and the Supervisor at Waterview Snack Bar

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This case is about a manage problem between the manager and the supervisor at Waterview snack bar in Muskoka District.

From this case, there are two people got involved, the manager Rebecca Boddington and the supervisor Michael Welland.

Since Boddington had been Welland's boss when Welland started his job in Waterview, She offered Welland a promotion to staff supervisor of Waterview in the spring of Welland's fourth year in the resort. But Welland turned it down.

After Boddington improved her offer, Welland finally accepted this position after careful consideration. But later on he was disappointed when he found out that he had to work on a part time server until July, the opening day of the Waterview, also, he was unimpressed that Boddington asked him to help with the maintenance and housekeeping department doing some preparation, which he had not expected when accepted this position.

But the biggest problem was when Welland received his first paycheque. It was two weeks late though the regular pay cycle. The result of this is because


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