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Lack of Learning Materials

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The conceptual framework of this study serves as a guide on how the researcher can visualize and construe objectively as well as analytically the study to be conducted. The researcher conceptualized that by implemented by the province of Masbate with regard to the lack of books. The various offices and agencies will definitely response to the status of students to express grief and concern to the lack of learning materials such as books. Then it is a must-do on the part of the agencies concerned to have a constructive and definite programs and projects in order to resolve with any situation that may arise that may affect the education of the youths.

The respondents of this study were from Masbate City, Masbate and it is specially focused on the Governor of the Provincial Government of Masbate, Department of Education (DepEd) and in order to have impartial and consistent distribution of the data of the chief and officers of the city and municipalities supplies and management councils were included. Likewise, the researcher gave importance to the respondents proposed solutions and recommendations to solve the challenges that are incurred by way determining the state of readiness when such dearth of books occurs.


Education is the only the only treasure that can never be stolen from asserted by teachers and parents who gave advice and intellect about education, many people are hoping to have a good education, and education is needed in the society in order to improve in a manner of its current state, But what is education? Education is the action or process of teaching someone in school or other particular place where the students take knowledge, skills and understanding with the aid of teachers, and a field of study that deals with the methods and problems of teaching.

The only way to acquire such education with the use of different learning materials. So what if there isn’t enough learning materials for every students and teachers to use? Such crisis can bring different problems which is why the researchers are conducting this study. Students from pre-school up to college level can be affected by the lack of learning materials.

Though this research, the researchers can identify what kind of effects that it bring to senior high students especially in Grade 12 GAS students of Masbate National Comprehensive High School. After identifying these effects, the researchers can discover many ways to overcome and to cope-up with the lack of learning materials. With this study, the researchers can give suggestions or recommendations to help the students with their studies.

Aside from students, the teachers can also benefit from this research. The Grade 12 GAS students of Teachers can get some ideas from this research to improve their style in teaching and also to help their students to overcome this problem. Lastly, the Government can use this research to give aid and support and actions that eventually solve the problem bought by the lack of learning materials of the students and also the teachers that are Government employees.

Money is a crucial aspect when it comes to school success. Money affects key issues including class size, programs offered, curriculum, technology, professional development, etc. Each of these can have a profound effect on student success. When there are educational budget cuts, the quality of education each child receives will be affected. These budget cuts limit a school’s effectiveness. It does require a significant monetary investment to adequately educate students. If cuts are made teachers and schools will figure a way out to make do with what they have, but their effectiveness will be influenced in some way by those cuts.

“There are still no sufficient teachers, classrooms, facilities and equipment and other instructional and teaching materials. Several schools have double, even triple shifts!” asserted by Raymond Basilio, ACT secretary general, ACT Teachers Party Rep. France Castro also said there is only one high school for every four to five villages.

“We attribute low enrolment and high drop-out to the alarming shortage of public schools, especially high schools, and the insufficient budget for their maintenance and operations,” said Tinio adding there are 36,492 public elementary schools and only 7,677 high schools. Both solons believe that more students will be able to continue their schooling if the government only reverses its habit of underfunding public education. The lack of learning materials has


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