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Hey Health Business Plan

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  1. Executive Summary

Our goal is to help people to become healthier and also support them to maintain their healthy life style by providing personal analysis on both physical and mental health. We are first targeting celebrities who live in Japan no matter where they are from. We chose celebrities to be our target because they are influential among public and advertising will be easier. There are existing companies who are already providing health and physical analysis but our company is very different from them. First, we will launch an application with wristband so customers can easily access and we will also provide translation services in various languages when we expand the market. Customers will benefit from our service by tracking their daily life pattern and also keep alerted so they can prevent some serious situation from getting serious illness. Our consulting team will be composed of experts in different fields of physical health who have passed the national examination in Japan and will also make team of experts in psychology counselor so consumers who need deeper analysis could have one to one counseling.

  1. Vision

People, especially celebrities living these days, they get stressed out easily and life pattern is not always regular as it is supposed to be. They have to work almost every day and even on night time following their schedules. Therefore, celebrities tend to eat junk food, lack exercising and most importantly, they do not have enough time to get deep sleep. So we want to help them by our consulting system. That way, celebrities will benefit from our service and will also boost economy because commonly, when famous people use product or service and post it on their SNS(Social Networking System), fans are willing to buy too.

  1. Uniqueness of the Service/Product and Business Model

  1. Experts in various fields of physical health
  2. Connection with application
  3. Membership program
  4. Easy-to-use
  1. Market Analysis

Mobile health market

-The attractiveness of the market

      Mobile Health industry has become one of the global trends nowadays of course the same for Japan. Being one of the most significant aging societies in the world, in the future Japan will have more demand on health care business. The use of IT technology as a tool for health care business has gained more and more interest in the industry. The digital health business is expected to achieve two great points.

  1. development in medical treatment

      Because of the graying society, Japan will need more ability to deal with medical, nursing, and welfare issues. By using digital technology, doctors will be able to communicate and share information with each other. Moreover, through networking service, doctors and patients will be able to contact easily, which will result in the increase in the accessibility of medical treatment.

  1. Restraint in the medical treatment cost

; The invention of the application and smart devices have a high potential in preventing serious diseases or curing unhealthy habits. This would likely result in cutting the cost for medical treatment for people.

     However there are also challenges that is necessary to overcome in this business field. The difficulty of monetizing the business is one disadvantage. Another one is that the business has a lot of stake holders.

-How the market likely going to change

The telecommunication industry is also looking forward for the Mobile health market to become one of the next trends for business. According to the estimation given by the U.S company called the Price Water Cooperhouse in 2013, the mobile health market will expand to 23billion U.S dollars. The graph below shows the predicted transition of the mobile health market.

[pic 1]

-SWOT analysis



-cooperation from the government and pharmaceutical companies

-focusing on both physical and mental issues

-professional consultant team

-celebrities have high interest in health



-high investment in consultant team

- difficulty in monetizing (mobile health business in general)

-focus on celebrities

-similar business done by competitors

-the existing doctors and mentalists

  1. Customer Analysis

-explain consumer target segment

Our service will first target on celebrities living in Tokyo. The service will contain options that would fit each year group.

It is estimated that 70,000 celebrities live in Japan, and predict that 50,000 of them live in Tokyo. For prediction, 10 percent of them need help in medical issues. That will make the people who have the potential to use our product, 5000 people.

-problems customers have that would be solved

Celebrities who do not want to become mentally or physically ill may use our service to prevent them for becoming sick. Moreover our service will assist celebrities to have healthier life habits.

-early adopters

1) Runtastic

Company name

Runtastic GmbH (Australian firm)/ est.2009

App name



14.4 mil USD (research done by D&B global file)


-record of the athletic activity done by the customer(app)

-selling measuring instruments


More than 350,000,000 ppl


Free/ additional charge for the premium version


-Fee from special training programs

-smart devices


Uniqueness in monetizing

-providing the app for free →charge for further HQ service

-sell measuring instrument for more professional training


Company name

Weight Watchers International,Inc/ est.1963

App name



1724 mil USD (2013)


-record of food eaten

-measuring calories,

- coaching for additional service


-fee for the meetings held in diet centers

-charge for online service (app)

-products( cooking books, guide books, scales)


-being able to choose your favorite trainer and have advice at anytime

-fitness coaching as an additional service

  1. Competitor Analysis

Service name


Customer target

General public






-mental health app

-daily questionnaire

-visibility of personal data

-chat with doctors

-collaboration with clinics

-Mental and physical

-consulting team

-analysis of daily data collected from the wristband


All service for free

-recommendation of the clinics

-professional consultants give precious advice


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