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We decided to make a perfume with gumamela extracts because we want to test the effectiveness of our research that gumamela is able to substitute a perfume. According to our research, gumamela flowers are fragrant and feminine,lending to a pleasant floral perfume. A type of hibiscus, thegumamelaflower grows widely in the Philippines as an industrious plant. It's not only grown for use as a dye, poultice and diuretic, but it also serves as a useful and fragrant ingredient in soaps, lotions and perfumes. Knowing make perfume from gumamela isn't a difficult endeavor that requires the use of very few materials. A homemade gumamela perfume gives you a feminine and floral fragrance to wear for any occasion.We also discovered that using perfume brings emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing or mood-lifting. It boosts confidence, triggers memories and treats insomnia. In the Western cultures, perfume is applied at pulse points like behind the ears, the nape of the neck, and the insides of wrists, elbows and knees so a pulse would warm the perfume and release it into the air.

Perfume nowadays are being used everyday. perfumes like victoria secret,bench,penshoppe,etc. we want to make a perfume that is environmental friendly and that is made up of hibiscus rosa-sinensis linn also know as gumamela.we know that this kind of perfume is very common to us that's why we came up to this project making this gumamela perfume a better version of itself.perfume is one of the need of every persob especially to the girls, perfume is a substance that gives off a pleasant odor.

we intend to make this gumamela perfume. These days, prices of goods have been constantly increasing, and one of these goods is perfume. Perfumes are usually of higher so this study can help people, especially woman to save more. Instead of buying expensive perfume, they can now try making their own perfume with the use of natural resources like gumamela.


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