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Gumamela Perfume

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Perfume is a substance that gives off a pleasant odor. The word perfume comes from the Latin word perfume which means "through smoke". As we grow older we may develop our own sense of what smells good and we may decide to wear perfume or cologne.

May perfumes are blends of flower and plant oils, synthetics, alcohol and water. Plant substance is the substance that gives sweet smelling plants their pleasant odor called essential oils. Synthetic Substance: the substance that accounts for the amount of items used in the perfume industry.

Innovation becomes the basic matter of the modern world. The unlimited search of knowledge and experiments lead this to happen. People tend to find unique products in different stuffs. In fashion trend specifically, mostly women prefer there products which are new to their eyes or pleasing to hear.

With concept circling around, its curiosity on the field trigger the problem that meet the resolution for scientific method which is now center the experiment for the Gumamela Perfume.

About the "Gumamela Perfume" maybe for us it is hard to think on how can we make a perfume from gumamela because we all know that gumamela is odorless with this experiment, the researchers proved that they can make a perfume through gumamela. It also has fragrance like other flowers that are commonly seen here in the Philippines. The researchers want us to see that a gumamela flower is very useful.


Title: Gumamela Perfume


1. Casserole

2. Gas Stove

3. Stirrer

4. Ladle

5. Cup

6. Bowl

7. 60% Ethyl Alcohol

8. 30% Gumamela Extract

9. 10% Aqua


1. Extract the gumamela flower in the bowl.

2. Strain the gumamelaextact.

3. Put the gumamela extract to the casserole.

4. Then put the ethyl alcohol and the aqua.

5. Mix the gumamela extract, aqua and the ethyl alcohol.

6. Put the casserole in the gas stove.

7. Wait until its boil.

8. Now the perfume is finished.

9. Put it in the container and now it is ready to use.


This section contains information taken from varied sources that intensified the researcher's knowledge of the topic under study.

According to Stuart Exchange Organization (2012). "About 300 species of Gumamela found worldwide. Its beauty makes it one of the most widely cultivated of flowers, in brilliant hues of red, orange, or purplish-reds,


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