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Gumamela Flower Extract as an Alternative Perfume

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  • Can gumamela flower extract be a better substitute for perfumes?
  • The effects of perfume can be the way a man smells actually affects his life?
  • What is the benefit of gumamela flower extract as perfume in the community?
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  • Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Linn Flowers as Alternative Perfume

Gumamela can be seen easily here in our surroundings. It grows anywhere and everywhere in the community. I can see the community people are letting gumamela flower to fall on the ground. I decided to make a perfume with gumamela extracts because I want to test the effectiveness of my research that gumamela is able to substitute as a perfume.

 Making gumamela flower as a perfume will make us think and realize that aside from being plant and a very decorative flower, it can also use as a main ingredient for making perfume.

Perfume is a substance that gives off a pleasant odor. The word perfume comes from the Latin word perfume which means “through smoke”.

Perfume can affect an individual in different ways. Certain perfumes have particular effects on the body, and they can actually alter the way a person behaves or perceives him or herself. As we grow older we may develop our own sense of what smells good and we may decide to wear perfume.

One of the reasons why I arrived this study because perfume now a days are too expensive  so this study can help other people who cannot afford those expensive perfumes. Instead of buying expensive one, they can now try making their own perfume within the use of natural resources like gumamela flower.


The needed materials for this study are casserole, gas stove use to boil the gumamela, stirrer use to mix the gumamela, alcohol, and aqua, ladle, cup , bowl use to hold or store the gumamela, 60% ethyl alcohol, 30% gumamela extract and 10% for aqua.

Some of the needed materials like casserole, gas stove, stirrer, ladle, cup and bowl are don’t need to buy because I have already in my house while other materials are needed to buy.


First, extract the gumamela flower in the bowl. Second, strain the gumamela extract. Third, put the gumamela extract to the casserole. Next, put the ethyl alcohol and the aqua. Mix the gumamela extract, ethyl alcohol and aqua. Put the casserole in the gas stove. Wait until its boil. Now the perfume is finished. Lastly, put it in the container and  now it’s ready to use. These data will be shown through tables.


Gumamela as perfume is very important for school and for the community because many people bully or discriminate those people who have a bad body odor.

Perfume used to scent our surroundings and also for ourselves. It gives us a feminine and floral fragrance to wear for any occasion. It gives us fragrant body and well- groomed to others. Perfumes are not meant to hide existing bad smells but to enhance the smell of clean body.

By this product, I discovered that using perfumes brings emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy- enhancing, relaxing and mood- lifting. When you use perfumes you smell good and perfume helps us to fight bad body odor. It’s boost our confidence, attract attention and enhancing our mood.


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