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Graduate Traineeship Position

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[Recruitment Person Job Title]

[Law Firm Name]

[Law Firm Building]

[Law Firm Address]

[City, State PostCode]

Dear [Recruitment Person Full Name],

Please consider the enclosed copy of my application for a Graduate Traineeship position with your firm in [Year]. I am currently completing a [Enter Degree Title(s)] at [University Name] University fulltime, after completing previous [work experience or school]. This fulltime progression will enable me to fully complete the course at the beginning of [finish date]. [optional] I have also completed other [postgraduate or study] programs during my career ranging from [degree name] through to [second degree] which I believe are significant academic and professional assets.

I am very interested in the Graduate Traineeship offered by [Law Firm Name] after completing the Seasonal Clerkship program in the summer of [Year Name]. I have a keen passion for [main law interest type] in addition to an infatuation for [secondary law interest type]. My experience in the [practice group name] group of [Law Firm] was thoroughly enjoyable. I was provided with a broad range of work under [partner name], [supervisor name] and [lawyer name] in addition to other members of the group, and I felt that my enthusiasm and experience in this area was extremely beneficial to the matters which were assigned to me. Many of my recently completed [degree title] subjects have specialized in current and past [practice group name] law issues which were of particular assistance to the completion of my assigned tasks.

Throughout my time at [law firm], I became acutely aware of the emphasis that the firm places on internal organisational [specific positive of firm i.e. culture] by ensuring that all staff adequately


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