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Feminism: Why Girl Power Is Needed

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Elsy Arévalo-Herrera

Mr. Sisk


13 November 2018

Feminism: Why Girl Power Is Needed

For many years, women have not been getting the right they deserve. Men are seen as power figures while women are seen as weak. However, women deserve to have the same rights as men. Equal pay, equal jobs, and most importantly, equal respect. Without feminism, society will continue to degrade women for who they are. The amount of patriarchy might have decreased over time but it hasn’t been fully demolished. What feminists are trying to manifest1 is that, even though many people believe that women and men being commensurate2 in power is immutable3, there is still hope.

First of, the definition of feminist should be made clear. Anti-feminists believe that a feminist is a woman who hates all men and thinks they should die. However, that is egregiously4 erroneous5. The correct definition of a feminist is, “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” This definition was provided by There are two types of feminists in society. There is the feminist who legitimately ares about issues and then there’s the feminist who just wants to seems as an advocate6 for an internet famous trend. However, feminism is more than just something to tweet about or post about. It’s a movement that defies the common tautology7 that men are more powerful than women. Feminists aren’t trying to make the world worse. If anything, they’re trying to make it better by attenuating8 the amount of patriarchy.


There are many online resources that are endeavoring9 to convey10 that feminists are not trying to eliminate men from existence. One of these online resources is a web page, , which is dedicated to promulgating11 feminist beliefs. This web page tries to illuminate12 upon the fact that patriarchy and the issues that follow it aren’t just first world problems. A direct quote from this site is, “we wanted to tap into its amazing power to offer people around the world access to information about human rights, women's issues, health, anti-violence resources, grassroots activism, women's businesses, and pretty much anything that could possibly support a world where men and women are allied, empowered and equal.” is a site that in salient13 in the feminist movement. It was a step up from just speeches and rallies because now, all of the information could move quicker through people. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she said, “That these girls are just like your daughters. These are our daughters. And that the hundred million girls around the world who don't have an opportunity for secondary education are all our daughters.” What Ms. Winfrey is trying to do is galvanize14 a feeling of sympathy for these girls who don’t deserve the education they’re getting. They deserve more than what they’re getting. Another internet source would be ,


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