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Management of Projects MSc 2016-17

Dissertation Preparation and Supervision: Student Profile Form

The allocated dissertation project topic area forms the basis of the Project Management Research Methods (PMRM) coursework (MACE 60050) and the dissertation.  The PMRM coursework provides students with the opportunity to do significant background reading on the allocated project topic, develop an initial understanding of the topic area, and develop an initial framework for the specific dissertation project.  

It is expected that students do substantial background reading to prepare the PMRM coursework and to provide the foundation for the preparation of the dissertation.  It is also expected that students prepare diligently for each meeting with their Supervisor.  Initially, to prepare for the first and second meetings you must do sufficient background reading to enable you to discuss the topic area and which issue or issues within the allocated topic area you aim to focus on within your specific project. You must also read the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Section 1’ of the Dissertation Handbook prior to your first meeting with your Supervisor.

The aim of this form is to provide your designated Supervisor with some background information.  The contents will be used to facilitate the supervision process.  You should complete this form, and send it to your Supervisor as an email attachment, prior to your first meeting.  When completing the form you must write in sentences, and provide sufficient detail to clearly communicate the information.  


ID Number:

Code number and title of Project Topic Area allocated:




  • Provide details of your First degree and the award achieved.
  • Provide details of any industrial experience or work experience
  • Attach a one-page CV to this form


  • Which programme within the ‘Management of Projects’ Group are you registered on?
    Click on the box that applies 

  • Why did you choose this specific programme?

MSc Commercial Project Management                                          

MSc Construction Project Management                

MSc Engineering Project Management                                  
MSC Management of Projects                



Which optional units did you register on in Semester 1 and which have you registered on for Semester 2

Click on all the boxes that apply

MACE60007 Environmental Assessment

MACE60023 Project Finance for Infrastructure Projects

MACE60062 Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

MACE60065 Business Projects Involving IS/IT

MACE60067 Contract Management

MACE60085 Risk Management

MACE60095 Reviewing Business Projects Involving IS/IT


If you are an international student or your first language is not English you are required to attend the ULC MoP In-sessional course, unless you applied for and were granted exemption.

  • Have you taken the IELTS test and what was your score?
  • Did you attend the MoP ULC In-sessional course in Semester 1, and are you continuing to attend in Semester 2?
  • What additional steps are you taking to develop and improve your English language skills, and especially academic writing?


Basing your discussion on your allocated project topic area explain and discuss its importance within the discipline of project management (minimum of 500 words).  You must:

  • Support any points made with appropriate references (peer-reviewed journal papers);
  • Provide a list of the references.


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