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Deep Roots Distillery

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My final project will be on Deep Roots Distillery, I have decided to do this Discussion on American Apparel.

American Apparel, needs to go back to its foundation, and relaunch the brand. "American Apparel’s mission was to make great quality clothing without using cheap “sweatshop” labor and exploiting workers" (Metha, 2016). Currently, their brand has taken a lot of hits, financially, legally and reputation-wise. One of their major disadvantages is its financial state. They need to increase sales numbers, reduce their high-interest debt before they are forced to file for bankruptcy, and lower their operating costs. By establishing KPI’s goals for the above-mentioned objectives, it will help American Apparel understand better what, how and by when they need to do it. "Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are a tool businesses use to measure just how effectively they are achieving their goals." ("KPI Reporting Examples", 2016)

The KPI's selected are including the following but not limited to:

Marketing and Sales Indicators: This measures how successful their strategy and marketing campaigns. Nowadays, it's easier than ever since the world e-commerce and analytics was born.

Customer Retention: After investing in acquiring new customers, American Apparel has to work harder to retaining them, and develop their relationship and brand loyalty.

Total Orders: This calculates the number of orders placed over certain periods; hours, days, weeks and months. This KPI can also be divided to see where our clients are from, and what they order, this KPI can also provide information on the time their order and allowing us to stock inventory or plan production accordingly.

Quality: Is essential in order to maintain long-term business success and profit, the quality of production is vital.


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