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Deep Roots Distillery Mission Statement

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I have chosen the company Deep Roots Distillery. Their mission statement is: We will provide spirits made with passion and local ingredients to be shared from our family to yours.

There are two reasons I have chosen this mission statement. Firstly, I highlighted the fact that Deep Roots Distillery is a family run business, and that makes it relatable to consumers. By accentuating the family run concept it allows consumers to feel a connection and offers a sense of trust and dependability, reminiscent of family dinners and memories.  With consumers linking Deep Roots Distillery to a family-built company there also comes a sense of success built by hard work, this can also be a prolific connection with consumers. Secondly, Deep Roots Distillery is in touch with their local businesses by crafting their beverages with locally obtained ingredients.  This aspect is highlighted by Beamish in 2016 “In some instances, DRD used its own organically certified fruit and incorporated other local organic ingredients and employed unusual techniques to make small batches of high-quality liquors and spirits.” Combining the family-built aspect and Deep Roots ability to source local ingredients allows consumers something to admire and help attract their support of the Deep Roots Distillery. All of this is set to receive an even higher praise as the island they are located on known to attract tourist, who love partaking in local food and drink.

Key values for Deep Roots Distillery are innovation, enjoyment, and continuous improvement. Reasoning behind these values lies in what Beamish labeled as a “fun retirement project” and the family-owned Beamish Orchard. Remembering why one stared a business in the first place and the ability to stay true to the company will be Deep Roots Distillery’s keys to success. In order to have continuous improvement one also needs to be innovative. This can be seen with Deep Roots Distillery offered a set of three 50mL bottles as a gift set. This ties back to mission statement from our family to yours and can be an attractive gift for tourist to bring home and share. The honest family owned atmosphere created by Deep Roots Distillery and their transparency in how they make their products keeps the bond of trust between producer and consumer.  

The first challenge Beamish addressed for Deep Roots Distillery, deals with the fact that employee salaries have not been paid, meaning Beamish’s children would also have to have another full-time job elsewhere to pay their bills. Not paying his employees certainly sticks to the “Fun retirement project” theme, but this will not allow a business to grow and will cost a pretty penny when these salaries are to be paid out. Deep Roots Distillery will have to make progress in creating a system to not only pay their employees, but also keep the company profitable. Deep Roots Distillery cannot function if it is lacking one or the other, i.e.: employees and revenue.  


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