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Deep Roots Distillery

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Jeannette Malave                                                        Journal 2: Introduction

“Deep Roots Distillery”.

The company’s mission statement is as follows: Come enjoy some down time with Deep Roots Distillery, where family is everything. I choose this statement because the owner of the company wanted to create this brand to leave to younger generations of his family. “A succession-planning business venture to ensure a viable future for younger family members.” (Beamish, 2016). The company has instilled to offer different types of wine spirits and liquors.  

The company’s value is dedication, hard work, providing a product that everyone will enjoy. Family Owned Business devoted to providing fresh and organic fruits to create a sinfully beverage. DRD will continue to provide exceptional service; they will treat you as if your family.

One of the biggest challenges the company is facing is competition. There were other businesses that were established in the area “By March 2014, three small distillery’s, four wineries and a growing number of craft brewing companies in PEI”. (Beamish, 2016).  DRD was incorporated in 2014, but some of the smaller distillery’s have been around bit longer.  Competition is always a factor when beginning a new business venture.  Another challenge is financial.  When opening a new business cost will be a tremendous element.  For example DRD had to invest money, as well as spend money. Not all businesses earn a profit their first year, there are set backs and expenses that incur. A noticeable profit can happen in the 2nd year.


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