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Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Motivating in Good Times Essays


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Last update: March 22, 2019
  • Engstom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Time and Bad

    Engstom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Time and Bad

    ENGSTROM AUTO MIRROR PLANT: MOTIVATING IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD ENGSTOM AUTO MIRROR PLANT: MOTIVATING IN GOOD TIME AND BAD Mialea Davis OL 500 Human Behavior in Organizations Instructor: Paul Brown ________________ Introduction Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant story began as a privately-owned business established in 1948, in Richmond, Indiana. With the intent of maintaining a small distribution of manufactured mirrors for trucks and automobiles, Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant managed to remain successful for 50 years. However, on May 14, 2007, the plant’s driven success came to a halt due to a crisis both Ron Bent

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    Problem Statement The Engstrom Auto Mirror plant is a small privately owned business that supplies mirrors for trucks and cars. The plant had suffered several years of downturn before Robert Benton introduced the Scalon plan. The Scalon plan, an employee incentive program, was created to boost employee morale, increase productivity, produce quality inventory and lead the plant to a turn around. Now, the plant manager, Robert Benton, must figure out how to get the plant back on track in order to stop the plant from experiencing another year of downturn. Hypothesis 1: It may be

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    MILESTONE 1 – INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION 1. Explanation of Organizational Issues Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant began operation in 1948 and operates out of Richmond, Indiana. The company is privately owned and manufactures mirrors for trucks and automobiles. In the 1990’s the company became unprofitable due to changes in technology and a plant manager who was not equipped to deal with complex organization and behavior issues. After this manager resigns, a new successful manager emerges. He evaluates the operational characteristics and implements an employee incentive bonus plan called the “Scanlon Plan.” Several years of success ensue

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  • The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Times and Bad Introduction The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant has seen a severe decline in production as well as in the morale of their workers. The reason why the moral has declined is that in June 2006 the company had to lay off 46 of the 255 employees. I can surmise that at that time, people were stressed out not knowing if their job was going to be impacted and this set the foundation for a stressful environment. After the 46 were let go, the company still was

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    Engstrom Plant Case Study Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study Analysis After many years in business Engstrom Auto Mirror plant in Richmond Indian must face the decision to lay off a significant number of employees or close down the business in its entirety. These changes are brought on due to a decrease in assembly, a decrease in the quality of product that is being manufactured and in result a decrease in employee moral. The decision to lay off or close is a repeat of past events. Plant Manager Ron Bent spent much of his time

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  • The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

    The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant, located in Richmond, Indiana had been in operation since 1948. The privately owned manufacturing business produced mirrors for trucks and cars, with an employee roster of 255. In June of 2006 the company was facing a decline in business and sales, and had laid off 46 of its 255 employees. Employee productivity was rapidly declining, as well as the employee’s faith and morale in the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant (Beer et. al., 2008). In the late 1990’s the plant was began implementing new machinery in the production lines. This transition

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant - Organizational Behavior

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant - Organizational Behavior

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant had 7 years of good business. Productivity was up; employee morale was high as everyone was reaping the rewards that were earned from their hard work and keeping production up. These bonuses were calculated based on payroll being 50% less than revenue from sales. Everyone was on board for this new implemented bonus program. Employees felt as they were valued because of their knowledge of their job. The employees had the opportunity to put in their suggestions to improve the process of production or the bonus program. The company received hundreds

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant.

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant.

    Introduction: Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant, located in Richmond, Indiana (Beer & Collins, 2008) is a private manufacturing company of mirrors for automobiles since its establishment in 1948. A relatively small production and distribution company which saw many great years had started to see a decline as it reached a new millennium. Due to a lack of production, lack of technological knowledge and consistent drop of morale amongst the workers, the previous plant manager resigned, and the company hired a more tech savvy and pro-incentive thinking Ron Bent. This newly hired plant manager and his

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study

    2.2 Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study-Motivating in Good Times and Bad Times-Milestone 1 Introduction In 2007, Engstrom Auto Mirror plant, a privately-owned business based in Richmond, Indiana that manufactures mirrors for trucks and automobiles is facing a crisis. They have several issues that need attention. Symptoms • Decrease in sales in 2005 resulted in layoff of 46 people • 2nd year of downturn (2007) productivity had fallen to all-time low and product quality issues had started leading to late deliveries. • The decrease in productivity lead to higher costs, more lower quality issues and

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  • Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study

    Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Case Study

    When I first read through this article a few things stuck out at me immediately, such as some of the organizational issues that are taking place the stagnant growth and disgruntled employees. However, what drew my attention was the manner that the plant manager and his assistant were discussing these issues. It reminds me of a chapter from Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Lief Babin. The title of the chapter is that there are “No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders” and more specifically “Leaders should never be satisfied. They must always strive to improve,

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  • Engrstrom Auto Mirror Plant Motivationg in Good Times and Bad

    Engrstrom Auto Mirror Plant Motivationg in Good Times and Bad

    ENGSTROMAUTOMIRRORPLANT ENGRSTROM AUTO MIRROR PLANT MOTIVATIONG IN GOOD TIMES AND BAD MABLE NICOLE LEE SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY PROESSFOR RAFAEL SANCHEZ ABSTRACT This paper will describe the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant ways of trying to show their employees they appreciation through good and bad times. Every company has there moments in the industry, sometimes you up and sometimes you are down. In 1948 Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant begin their business as a company that made mirrors for truck and automobiles. The company had over 209 employees that made the company function great. The plant was

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  • Engstrom Auto Reflect Plant

    Engstrom Auto Reflect Plant

    The issue for Engstrom Auto Reflect Plant is that they set a lot of accentuation on outward components, for example, this Scanlon impetus arrange as a part of the aggregate prizes framework to develop inspiration of the representatives and they neglected to cultivate workers' impression of hierarchical equity. Considers demonstrate that supervisors are inspired to encourage representatives' impression of equity since they wish to guarantee consistence, keep up a positive character, and set up reasonableness at work (Basics of Authoritative Conduct p. 111). In any case, there were unmistakably some separation issues amongst administration and

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  • Modernity: Is It a Good Thing or Bad Thing?

    Modernity: Is It a Good Thing or Bad Thing?

    Modernity: Is It A Good or Bad Thing? There has been an excessive amount of contentions recently on whether or not the average ‘modern life' is declining or advancing. The main spark that has influenced this kind of talk is the advancement of technology. It caused us to live in a world that is different than centuries ago, leaving room for the debate on modernity and whether or not it has been a positive or negative change in life. Many mislead the decline in modernity with just the evolution of the different aspects of modern

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  • ‘beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence'

    ‘beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence'

    ‘Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence' Neglect in the King's Words "And some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak" ‘Beyond Vietnam' was a speech that resonated in so many hearts during such a tragic time. With King's words, people began to find comfort in the terrible situation. In this paper I will

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  • "motivators and Hygiene Factors" Theory

    "motivators and Hygiene Factors" Theory

    Biography Frederick Irving Herzberg who was born in Massachusetts in 17 April 1923 became one of the most influential names in business management. He graduated from City College in 1946 and moved to the University of Pittsburgh to undertake post-graduate workplace while teaching as a professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and later moved to the University of Utah where he held the position of professor of management in the college of business. Thanks to all the knowledge that he had gained, he has indicated one theory which became the most

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  • Mark Twain Good Writing

    Mark Twain Good Writing

    I think that Mark Twain is trying to say that there is no such thing as "good" writing and you can never "train" yourself to be a good writer. You never really choose what you write, but your subconscious chooses for you. Your subconscious develops a way of writing that you like and it uses it every time. You never really consciously think about what you're going to write, but you already have phrases and words that you enjoy using and sound nice to you, and you use them to explain your thoughts. I agree

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  • Good Country People

    Good Country People

    Good Country People or Not? "Good Country People" is a short story written by Flannery O'Connor in 15. In this story, O'Connor uses symbolism in her choice of names, which centers on the personality and demeanor of four characters. Each of these characters has a uniquely tailored name. The significance of their names is that they do not symbolize their true character. Throughout the story, these characters demonstrate flaws in their personalities that are distinctive with their names. Freeman, Hopewell, Hulga, and Manley Pointer are names that describe who these characters believe they are,

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  • Freedom and Privacy on the Internet Can Be Realised on Basic Principles of Human Rights and Good Governance

    Freedom and Privacy on the Internet Can Be Realised on Basic Principles of Human Rights and Good Governance

    Introduction In our day and age the internet embodies the dynamism that has come to be a part of the life of a great segment of global population. More than twenty-five billion people in the world use the internet, a global virtual network of communication and information exchange, for socialising, running businesses, buying goods and services and enhancing knowledge. There are payment gateways like Paypal, Visa, American Express which facilitate commercial transactions and there are social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for people to socialise with people around the world. Online News portals,

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  • Career Times Recruitment Newspaper

    Career Times Recruitment Newspaper

    Product Before Year 2012, all of the content from "Career Times Recruitment Newspaper" can be found in its web site, newspaper has been viewed as non environment product. "Green marketing is considered as one of the major trends in modern business." (Kassaye, 2001). So, Career Times no longer published its Newspaper and purely operated its Recruitment portal ( as the main product now. Beside the environment issue, "the growth in Internet penetration has had an adverse effect on print newspaper advertising" (Zentner, 2012), is one of the main reason to stop the Newspaper as well.

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  • Times Record of Timor

    Times Record of Timor

    SUMMARY Times Recorder is a widely circulated weekly magazine founded in 1900 by Mr. Sebastiano Echavez and has been noted as a strong advocate of the freedom of the press in Timor. After the death of Mr. Echavez, Mr. Enrico Martinez assumed the presidency and editorship of the magazine. A certification election, duly supervised by the Ministry of Labor Relations, was held on the premises of the Times Recorder of Timor. The purpose: To determine the will of the employees as to which of the two unions- the Times Recorder of Timor Labor Union headed

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