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Career Times Recruitment Newspaper

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Before Year 2012, all of the content from "Career Times Recruitment Newspaper" can be found in its web site, newspaper has been viewed as non environment product. "Green marketing is considered as one of the major trends in modern business." (Kassaye, 2001). So, Career Times no longer published its Newspaper and purely operated its Recruitment portal ( as the main product now. Beside the environment issue, "the growth in Internet penetration has had an adverse effect on print newspaper advertising" (Zentner, 2012), is one of the main reason to stop the Newspaper as well.

In order to differentiate the other recruitment web sites, revamped its web site since Year 2012. Today, all of the online recruitment ad in will be categorize in 3 different employers type such as "Direct Employer", "Recruitment Agency" and "Insurance agency and others". Now, is the only web sites in HK which can let the job seekers know clearly about the type of the employers, in order to avoid the "Employer Trap" – refer to the Appendix A. Functionally, it can provide a safe environment for the job seekers to find their ideal job.

However, the serious weakness of is lack of jobs ad compares with the market leader – and it is one of the major reason lead readers not visit regularly which will affect the total number of readership, page view of the web site, applications from the


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